The security to keep customers & employees safe as we all get back to business.

Our daily scorecard fully reports the day’s activities, allowing you to address any potential issues (social distancing, mask policies, etc.)

Open your doors for expectant customers, worry-free

Secure your business from theft, crime, and vandalism

Enforce guidelines with advanced video technology

Minimize the Risk for Your Business

Give Them Confidence To Return

No matter the rhetoric, people have concerns for their health and safety. Pro-Vigil helps businesses open with confidence and assures their customers and employees to follow all social distancing guidelines. See how simple it can be to give your customers and employees peace of mind to get back to work – knowing they’ll be safe with you. 

Our Solution In Action

Mask Detection

This powerful technology automatically detects whether customers or employees are wearing a mask. This information is included in our daily scorecard so any necessary action can be taken – ensuring everyone on the property remains compliant and safe.

Social Distancing

Cameras identify when someone is not practicing safe social distancing. When the two individuals get within a 6 foot radius of each other, their circles turn red. Our system instantly notifies the proper personnel so further action can be taken if necessary.

Occupancy Control

Only allowing a certain amount of people into your establishment at one time is vital for a safe working environment. Keep your head count down with powerful video insights that do the work for you.

Daily Scorecard

Relevant data to help ensure social distancing

Video analytics show where social distancing guidelines get violated the most. All violations are listed with tagged footage of the incident. Use these insights to enforce social distancing in your business and build consumer trust.

The Integration Solution



Are your customers or employees wearing masks? Pro-Vigil’s integrated mask detection will check for you - no need to have a person stand guard.


Pro-Vigil Intelligence automatically detects and alerts when people break the 6 foot rule.


Overloading your property is unsafe for everyone involved. Easily manage the number of people in your facility with advanced video technology.


Get access to powerful daily reports to ensure your customers and employees remain compliant and safe.

Real Time

We provide real time notifications when anyone is not wearing their mask or practicing safe social distancing guidelines.

Remote Video Surveillance

Our cameras use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and monitoring technicians to prevent break-ins and theft before they happen. 

See how easy it is to re-establish confidence and get back to business.

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