What Does It Mean to Have “Integrated Security Solutions”?

Solo security systems create more work. They can have compatibility issues that slow you down. But integrated security systems bring everything together under one hub, offering a faster response to any threat. 
What is an Integrated Security System?

What is an Integrated Security System?

Integrated security systems combine all your security technologies and components into one unified system. These comprehensive setups typically include the following:

  • Door access control

  • Intrusion detection

  • Video surveillance

  • And more

Security systems evolved over the years. A century ago, you might have just used a padlock, but now, your business may have layered physical security systems. Over time, these systems have become a patchwork of overlapping tools. 

You may have access security for the doors. There’s an alarm system. You have video surveillance. Perhaps even security guards. If these systems are separate and siloed, they may be inefficient. That’s why an integrated security system is the best protection for your business.

Why Do I Need Integrated Security?

How Smart Security Cameras Can Foil Tailgating Attacks

You have everything riding on your business security system. Without fire alarms and smoke detectors, you could lose the building. Access control protects your employees. Video surveillance provides evidence for prosecution. But these systems work better when they play off each other. For example, an integrated security system can catch a piggybacker (a.k.a.  tailgaters who sneak in just behind someone with a keycard). This is a huge problem that access control systems miss. By coordinating your systems, even the sneakiest piggybacker can get caught.

The integrated security process goes something like this:

  • Video surveillance records the intrusion and pings access control to go into lockdown.

  • If the video camera is IP-enabled, it sends a signal over the internet.

  • The signal reaches a cell phone or desktop in a security hub.

  • Security resources respond in real time.

Integrated security systems are increasingly common in commercial and industrial applications. They protect the people, assets, and property that make up your business.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Security?

Having security isn’t enough anymore. Integrating these tools increases the level of security at your property.

There are several benefits to integrating your security systems, including:

  • Comprehensive protection

  • Increased efficiency

  • Scalability

  • Simplified management

  • Cost-effectiveness

Integrated security systems provide a more thorough solution for business protection. All operations are more streamlined. Access control and video surveillance run through a single desktop or smartphone monitoring tool. Hardware and software work in tandem. An integrated security system can even reduce false alarms. 

Integrated security solutions improve response time. Merging data from video surveillance and access control online lets security teams monitor real time events. Integration helps you locate fires before they take hold. Hazardous conditions can be fixed before they cause a workplace injury. Doors can be secured from one software hub. 

Even better, integrated security systems scale across multiple offices. Now security teams can watch all office locations from a single hub. Integrated security scales up or down as you need it. This scalability makes security integration highly desirable for businesses of all sizes.

Simplifying the management of business security is a smart move for companies. These tools offer a cost-effective way to streamline security. They can reduce your need for separate systems, saving money and time.

What Kinds of Businesses Benefit from Integrated Security?

Any business or industry can benefit from a more coordinated security response. For example:

  • Retail stores often integrate security systems. Integration prevents theft and protects employees, customers, and inventory.

  • Banks and financial institutions require high levels of security. Integrating disparate platforms creates a faster, coordinated response.

  • Manufacturing facilities integrate security to monitor unauthorized access and protect equipment.

  • Healthcare facilities require secure access, monitor visitors, and coordinate emergency response systems.

  • Educational institutions need an integrated response to secure buildings. Integrations protect people across a large campus.

Any business that values the safety and protection of its assets can benefit from integrated security systems.

What Can an Integrated Security Solution Do for My Business?

What is a Virtual Security Guard?

Internet-enabled integrated security systems allow you to see everything, everywhere, in real time. Integrating separate security systems creates a stronger protective net for your business when combined with virtual security guards.

Integrating your security systems can provide a faster response that enhances the safety of employees and customers. A faster response prevents loss and theft, giving security teams a better chance of catching criminals.

Even the most intelligent video surveillance cameras work well in an integrated environment. Modern features incorporate well, such as night vision, to increase your security presence. Even cameras at remote locations can connect to an integrated security hub. A virtual security guard can monitor from a central hub to watch your properties in real time.

Integrating your security tools also allows for advanced analytics. Traffic flow, customer behavior, and operational trends can be monitored in addition to criminal activity.

How Does Pro-Vigil Handle Integrated Security?

Pro-Vigil can conduct a thorough audit of your disparate security systems. Then we create an integrated security solution to pull everything together under one software hub. Centralized control software helps manage multilayered security systems. Advanced features, like video analytics can spot holes in the architecture.  

There are several approaches to the nuts and bolts of integrated security solutions. In the past, security systems generally had to integrate on site through the hardware. Today, many integrations occur over the internet. 

Cloud-based integrations make use of application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs connect separate software platforms and their data. 

Some businesses require a mix of integration processes. Older systems still may need to be physically integrated. For example, combining a video surveillance camera and an access control system into one device. However, most software today has interfaces that allow them to integrate.

No matter the security footprint, Pro-Vigil offers experienced security teams to help your business. We offer integrated security solutions as well as a la carte video surveillance. No matter the service, Pro-Vigil backs it up with unparalleled customer service.

Call us if you’re dealing with a patchwork of security systems and wonder how an integrated security system could help your business. We can help streamline your security response and reduce your risk.


Having an integrated security system means that multiple security technologies and processes combine and work together. It’s a comprehensive approach to physical security, including access control systems, fire safety, surveillance, and more.

You can integrate the hardware and software of your business safety systems in these areas:

  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Fire alarm
  • Cybersecurity

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