How Human Error Can Cause Security Breaches in Your Business

It’s been a long-standing practice to employ onsite security guards, but human error can cause security breaches: a big threat to your business.
human error can cause security breaches

Having a live human on your premises for security has its advantages, but human error can cause security breaches you may not be prepared for.

We will examine the types of human error risks and talk about what you can do about it now.

The Downside of Live Security Guards

Humans have natural patterns.  Smart criminals may observe your guard’s patterns and time their strike at an opportune moment, and one guard can only be in one place at a time.

Security guard turnover rate is high. Because a security guard position can be lonely and demanding, many employees leave these roles quickly. This presents another problem because you may find yourself constantly training new people for the job. It takes a while to become familiar with a business and the requirements of the job. Your company could be left vulnerable while the next new guard is learning how to properly monitor and protect your business.

Guards are often unsupervised. In many cases, security guards work the graveyard shifts, weekends, and other times where they are alone. As a lone worker, It can be tempting to fall asleep or do things unrelated to the work. A distracted or sleeping guard is not much use when the business is being compromised.

The Safer, Less Expensive Alternative to Live Guards

If you like the idea of having a live security guard protecting your business, but fear that human error can cause security breaches, there is an alternative – a virtual security guard.

A virtual security guard offers live monitoring of your business, but from a remote location. Your live guard is in a room with other guards and under the supervision of a manager. So you have peace of mind knowing that they are doing the job you hired them to do.

Another advantage of using a virtual security guard is that your property can be easily monitored and observed all at once. While these guards may not physically be on the property, they can still set off alarms and sensors to startle a would-be thief. If that’s not enough to deter a criminal, the authorities can be alerted swiftly.

And because your virtual security guard is not on the premises, you won’t run the risk of an employee or contractor having a physical encounter with a criminal. This safer alternative reduces the risk of liability in case someone was harmed on your premises.

Pro-Vigil and Virtual Security

If you are interested in learning more about virtual security guards and other security options, contact Pro-Vigil. Your dedicated surveillance team will closely monitor your property and your surveillance equipment to ensure that everything is working properly around the clock. Contact Pro-Vigil for your free quote.

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