Horizontal & Vertical Security For Construction Sites

As your project expands both horizontally and vertically, we must consider the associated security risks and consistently adjust your security strategy to keep criminals out.
vertical and horizontal security

Construction Security Is Not ‘Set It & Forget It’

From heavy equipment to tools, appliances and beyond, construction sites are loaded with targets for thieves and vandals. However, not every construction site comes with the same risks – and a perimeter fence simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to keep trespassers out.

The bottom line is that security strategies on construction sites cannot be a “set it and forget it” mindset. These sites are constantly changing as projects progress, which means your security strategy must evolve too

Horizontal Sites 

Let’s start by looking at horizontal construction sites. These are projects in the early stages of development where the ‘dirt work’ happens in preparation for a structure going up. Horizontal sites can be in remote areas with limited power and road access.

While these sites wait for inspections or face project delays, they often sit vacant for weeks. A remote site like this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to an opportunistic thief.  

The Targets: 

Horizontal sites might look like a big pile of dirt or a hole in the ground, but they’re packed with pricey equipment. However, it’s not the equipment itself that’s the main target.

One of the nation’s leading homebuilders explained that a single excavator may appear to be a logical target, but thieves most often steal the battery inside instead.


It’s simple: batteries are easy to remove and can easily be resold for a profit or used for criminals’ personal items. Plainly put, a battery provides thieves the luxury of keeping a low profile, something they couldn’t do with a massive excavator on their hands. 

Vertical Sites 

When a construction site is ready for ‘sticks and bricks’ to go up, it moves into the vertical stage of construction. At this stage, power and road access are no longer limited.

Various crews are working on plumbing, framing, and delivering appliances. At this stage, homeowners and business owners frequently check in on their project’s progress, however, with many valuable items sitting at vertical sites, this too is a recipe for disaster when it comes to theft.  

The Targets: 

The challenge with vertical sites is differentiating between who is supposed to be there vs. who is not. And thieves know it. They monitor these locations to learn routines and find the opportune time to carry out their crime.

The same leading home builder we mentioned earlier told us copper wire is a big target for thieves at this stage because it can be easily snipped and sold to a scrap yard.

Additionally, HVAC units and condensation lines are prime targets as well as anything that doesn’t require much effort to steal but is valuable for scrap material. 

Construction Crime Deterrence with RVM 

Preventing crimes at both horizontal and vertical sites requires diligence. While a perimeter fence can help, it isn’t enough to ensure that your materials and equipment are protected around the clock.

Security measures must evolve as the project matures. Cameras positioned to surveil a flat area of graded during the horizontal stage must be moved once a building goes up and obstructs the view.

San Diego Commercial Security

And as the targets of theft shift, your security strategy must also adapt. Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) is the most effective strategy that you can implement to cover your bases during all stages of construction. 

With RVM from Pro-Vigil, artificial intelligence quickly recognizes legitimate threats on camera – such as a person jumping over a fence – and triggers audio and visual warnings that deter intruders.

Sleep peacefully at night knowing sirens, flashing lights, and recorded messages like “leave immediately” will sound from speakers to safeguard your site.

AI Deterrence

Pro-Vigil’s team of virtual security guards can even alert local authorities for those very rare times when needed. And all of this can be done remotely, so those hard-to-reach locations are always being watched even when no one is physically on site.

Remote video monitoring offers comprehensive solutions which will cover your entire property, no matter what stage of construction your project is in. Call us today to proactively deter crime and protect your property when you can’t be there.

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