Don’t Put All of Your Weed in One Basket

Protecting Your Cannabusiness by Combining the BEST Commercial Security Systems. When cannabusiness security providers boast industry expertise, most mean they sprouted up with the industry and have little tenure with protecting businesses.

Many of these newly founded security providers aim to be a one-stop-shop offering everything from armored trucks to live security guards to video surveillance monitoring. Can you trust just one type of commercial security system to look after your business? There could be risks with folding all of your security tactics into one provider’s solution.

Checks & Balances From Beginning To End

Make no mistake, when it comes to securing your business, you need multiple security systems. Your highest ROI will come from those that fill gaps that otherwise leave your business vulnerable to criminal activity. The best cannabis security systems are solutions using the combined benefits from experts in their field, not just your industry.

Monitoring Delivery

It would be foolish to allow your merchandise to be transported by amateurs. There are top notch delivery services that provide transportation of merchandise such as Hardcar Security which uses armored trucks, bullet proof glass, and military trained professionals.

Varying degrees of transportation security come in the way of unmarked commercial vehicles such as the Ford Transit vans because they weigh less than armored trucks and thereby avoid “federal oversight so long as they do not cross state lines”. The key is to find secure transportation experts that will ensure that your inventory is delivered in full and on time.

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Upon determining the most secure transportation methods it’s important to note that these services don’t necessarily have insurance policies. Another form of security is finding an insurance company that will protect your business before the merchandise even shows up.

One insurance writer that specializes in the industry is Cannabis Insurance Solutions. Others who claim to write cannabusiness policies but don’t boast it directly in their marketing include Zeyger Insurance and Provant Group.

The easiest way to confirm your shipment has arrived on your lot is by having great video surveillance monitoring in place where your security cameras can capture the event, or better yet, a virtual guard can confirm the event. Pro-Vigil pairs IP cameras, advanced software, and remote video monitoring with smart search capabilities.

Monitoring Unloading

As a truck parks near your delivery door, you’ll likely have a live security guard waiting to observe or supervise. There are regional security providers who train their professionals to understand cannabis compliance and risk management. Many work to provide their team with comprehensive grow house and dispensary specific training. Search for a local live security group to watch for suspicious activity on the property both before and after the truck arrives.

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To ensure there is not a conflict of interest, consider sourcing your live guard from a different commercial security service thereby diversifying your vendors. And, following a system of checks and balances, be sure you have the best video surveillance monitoring in place.

Think of Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring as a back up to your live security guards. With cloud video surveillance the footage is easily stored and accessed with smart search capabilities. Most importantly, a virtual guard is watching for any queues that are out of the ordinary driving loss prevention from skimming.

Monitoring Inventory

Once the merchandise has been unloaded and the inventory is accounted for, you must ensure it is still protected. Product enthusiasts don’t necessarily equate to in-store productivity specialists. Having trustworthy employees is key to your success but how do you weed out the bad seeds? Companies like HireSafe or ESRcheck offer screening tools to protect your highly regulated business from getting shut down due to employee negligence.

Even with assistance in securing quality employees the allure of your products can still be a temptation to many. Sometimes those who seem unlikely to steal can surprise you by pocketing valuable products.

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Ensure you have the best security system in place to keep your inventory from vanishing and maintain employee honesty. ProVigil provides more than just security cameras intelligent video analysis software will help you understand what is happening on your property in ways that are impossible with only security cameras.

Monitoring After Hours

Unless you run a 24/7 business, there are times in which there should be no people on site. In most cases, people who are on the premises after hours are those with criminal intentions. Perimeter security methods such as fences, gates, locks, and motion-sensored lighting can help to deter thieves and vandals.

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Visible security cameras may also act as a deterrent to would be thieves. Additionally, stored footage may help authorities to identify perpetrators after an incident takes place.

However, the best video surveillance monitoring includes AI video surveillance for smart searches and a virtual guard to flag out the ordinary events. In fact, 97% of the time Pro-Vigil scares off trespassers with audible and visual deterrents.

There is a lot to consider when determining the best way to secure your business. From the start of your supply chain to the end sale, you need great providers in place. No matter who you choose for each area of your business, the one thing you must get right is having the best remote video monitoring in place.

Don’t settle for an inexpensive camera provider; find a comprehensive video surveillance monitoring solution to detect, deter, and dispatch as needed. Find Pro-Vigil.

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