Don’t ‘Lay Down’ on Laydown Yard Security

Critical infrastructure laydown yards are a prime target for theft and vandalism, which can cause significant delays and financial losses for organizations.
Laydown yard with pipes.

In the utility industry, laydown yards are crucial for storing and staging equipment, materials, and supplies for upcoming projects. These lots serve as a hub for crews and contractors to access resources needed for the job, or to respond after emergencies like a lightning storm that knocks out power. That’s why it’s essential for utilities to secure laydown yards at all times.

Temporary Site Doesn’t Mean Temporary Security

The utility sector that first comes to mind when thinking about who utilizes laydown yards most might be electrical utilities. But in reality, nearly all utilities use these sites – whether it be for new construction, renovation, or repairs. Solar farms, water plants, and oil and gas enterprises all have projects that call for using temporary laydown lots. 

And while they may be called ‘temporary’ because they lack permanent infrastructure like buildings and electricity, laydown yards are often leased for years at a time and contain valuable materials and equipment that need to be protected around the clock. When disaster strikes, every tool, asset, and piece of equipment needs to be readily available. An emergency is the wrong time to realize your laydown lot has been robbed. These sites must be viewed as an extension of your business – because that’s exactly what they are. 

Valuables at Risk

Items like transformers, copper fittings, and service vehicles are all stored on laydown yards. If not properly protected, thieves can easily steal these items and resell them to flip a quick profit. Once the items are gone, it can take weeks or even months to replace them. This can cause significant delays in the completion of a project, leading to increased costs and customer dissatisfaction. Laydown lots also need to be protected from vandalism. When a yard is left unattended in a remote area with a loosely defined perimeter, it becomes an easy target for those looking to cause damage. In Minnesota, someone drilled small holes in water pipes that were set to be installed in a new residential development setting the project back $25,000.

Mobile Surveillance Saves the Day

One way to secure temporary laydown yards is through fencing and gates. But this alone will not deter all thieves. The most effective security strategy for laydown lots combines fencing with remote video monitoring (RVM). Pro-Vigil’s mobile security camera units come with solar panels and don’t need to be plugged into power or WiFi to work. They can easily be moved around a temporary lot and maintain a secure connection even in the most remote locations. Mobile units provide a 24/7/365 view of what’s going on and give utility companies peace of mind, knowing that their assets are being monitored and protected. If trouble is detected, our team of virtual guards is notified so they can take action to help protect your site. Although our team is always monitoring, you can pull up a live feed of your site anytime on your phone or computer as needed for peace of mind.

Critical infrastructure sites extend beyond service centers and central offices. Temporary laydown yards are an essential part of the industry, but they can also be vulnerable to theft and vandalism. To prevent these issues, utility companies must take proactive measures to secure their yards with RVM. Protect your utility properties from petty theft today. Chat with us to learn more about our mobile security solutions.

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