Protecting Utility Properties From Petty Theft

Substations, solar farms and cell towers – what do they all have in common? Many are located in remote areas and can often go unwatched for periods of time.

These unprotected sites are home to equipment and materials that are extremely valuable – including precious metals and desirable equipment.

With minimal resistance and potential for big profits, these utility sites are being targeted by thieves and vandals nationwide. 

A Single Incident Could Equal Disaster

While these incidents may seem like regular cases of petty theft, the impact could lead to widespread power outages and thousands of dollars in damages.

Clearly, fences are not enough – it’s of utmost importance to have more concrete security measures in place to effectively keep unwanted people away from utility sites. Especially as the power grid is increasingly being targeted for more malicious reasons.

All it takes is one stolen wire or an amateur thief who cuts into the wrong area and that could spell disaster for utility companies who end up footing the bill for costly repairs and replacement parts. Not to mention the brand damage that can come with service interruptions.

Securing Utilities 24/7

Any security is better than no security. But the best security is a layered approach.

Thieves will easily find their way through fencing and padlocks.

Adding features like audio and visual deterrents increases your security strategy’s effectiveness. Motion-detected sirens and strobe lights are a universal sign for ‘you don’t belong here’ and are effective in sending trespassers running.

The next layer to fortify your security strategy is Remote Video Monitoring (RVM). With RVM, Pro-Vigil’s high-tech cameras and advanced software identify crime as it’s happening. Virtual security experts review the incident in real-time and escalate the event if necessary. 

Suspicious activity has no business taking place at critical infrastructure sites across the country and should not be used for anyone’s side hustle. Don’t leave energy and utility properties unprotected. Find out more about securing your site by contacting us today.

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