‘Tis the Season to Deter Holiday Crime with Pro-Vigil

Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us − and accompanying the increase in cheer and good will, comes a rise in crime.
deter holiday crime

Holiday Crime

In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in recent years, more vehicles have been reported stolen on New Year’s Day than any other holiday. The National Equipment Register reports that, over the past five years, incidents of heavy equipment theft spike between December 20 and January 1. And, these statistics are representative of a larger trend across industries.

Construction Site Theft Protection

Complicating matters, companies this year are battling more than rising crime. There’s also the global health pandemic, struggling economy and staggering unemployment rate to consider. Though we’re facing a holiday season filled with uncertainties, security doesn’t have to be one of them. Read on to learn how Pro-Vigil can help protect your customers and generate new revenue streams for your holiday season.

Blog Insights

Holiday Crime: Just How Bad Is It?

  • Want an in-depth look at why organizations are facing an unprecedented holiday crime season this year and how Pro-Vigil can help? Check out our blog, “‘Tis the Season to Step Up Security: Holiday Crime in a Pandemic.”
  • If you have customers that work with heavy equipment, then take a look at this Pro-Vigil blog, “Not-So-Happy Holidays: Heavy Equipment Theft Spikes.” We break down the top targeted locations, states, equipment types and product brands.

Coverage Spotlight

Artificial intelligence (AI) for video surveillance

Last month, we unveiled our new Social Distancing AI Suite, which analyzes digital video to measure compliance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Our powerful AI capabilities were featured in a recent SearchEnterprirseAI article focused on how AI is making motion analysis more usable for companies and creating new use cases, such as monitoring adherence to COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Read the story here.

Pro-Vigil Fun Fact

Our remote video surveillance service can detect potential threats within 18 seconds and prevent crime within 30 seconds, using audiovisual deterrents. With these capabilities as part of your security portfolio, you can keep your customers’ properties protected and holiday crime down!

Video of the Month

Want to see our audiovisual deterrents in action? Watch this video to see how they stopped a thief from stealing materials from an unoccupied construction site.


From all of us at Pro-Vigil, we hope you have a healthy, safe and successful holiday season!

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