Complete Camera Coverage: Key to Security Success

Sure, cutting a few cameras may save you a few dollars in monthly fees. But by eliminating cameras you are building blind spots into your security strategy.
complete camera coverage

Picture this –  you’re the owner of an auto dealership stopping by to check in, when you realize you’ve been hit by thieves. Several cars are missing tires, rims, and tailgates. And catalytic converters are even ripped out from right underneath vehicles.

You rush to check your surveillance camera footage from the night before, only to find that there was no camera in the area where the thefts occurred.

Not only is your inventory now damaged with valuable parts missing, but there is no video evidence and slim chances of ever catching the thieves. Even worse, your security provider advised you to install a camera in that area at the time of sign up, however you opted not to with the intention to save money upfront.

While this example is fictional, the scenario is not. From time to time, customers will opt to cut a few cameras out of their plan when signing up with Pro-Vigil, thinking it will save them money. 

While we understand that every business has a budget, we cannot stress enough that eliminating a few cameras from your property may cost you a lot more in the long run.

Complete Coverage By Design

To understand why complete camera coverage is so important, you must start at the very beginning.

When a customer partners with Pro-Vigil to secure their site, our design team begins by drafting up a layout of how many cameras are needed to cover the property, and exactly where they should be placed.

Our designers are trained to be consistent to ensure complete camera coverage, no matter the type or size of the site.

Once the design team presents their plan to a customer, sometimes the customer will begin removing cameras from the plan thinking it will save them a substantial amount of money over time.

In reality, they aren’t saving much in the long run by cutting cameras.

The truth is – you’re not only saving very little in the end, you are opening up your business to tremendous risk by adding unnecessary gaps into the security plan you’re investing time and money into.

Cutting Cameras = Added Risk

Security for a Vacant Property Consider the Risks

As we’ve covered in a previous blog, you can have the best surveillance cameras in the world, but if blind spots exist, no footage of those areas will be captured and entire crimes could go undetected.

And it’s not just about catching crime on camera – the risk created by removing cameras from your design opens up your business to immense liability. Take a slip and fall incident at your business, for example.

While it may not be your fault, how can you prove this without video evidence to back it up? With no video of the incident, many businesses are forced to pay a settlement, which some estimate to be between $15,000 – $40,000.

While you might be saving some money by eliminating a couple of cameras over a long period of time, you could be spending thousands – or more – to settle a single legal dispute. And the risk doesn’t stop with slip and falls.

Everything from a customer’s car getting dinged on a lot or auto body shop to other public claims could mean more money out of your pocket in the long run.

Minimize Risk with Complete Camera Coverage

Best Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

You don’t truly realize what you’re missing until it’s too late, and this applies to physical security and business risk. While cutting cameras from your business with the intention to save money may seem like a good idea at the outset, you won’t realize just how detrimental a decision like this can be until something goes wrong.

So let us prove it to you. When you sign up with Pro-Vigil, let our expert design team create the necessary plan to ensure your business has complete camera coverage – with no built-in blind spots.

Down the road, after analyzing footage and patterns over time, our team may identify certain cameras that don’t need to be monitored around the clock but that only need to record in the event something triggers a need to look at that footage.

This is a feature that we charge less for but can still capture video evidence of security and other incidents like slip and falls or cars backing into a customer vehicle.

Don’t build unnecessary risk into your camera design – think beyond physical security! Contact Pro-Vigil today to learn how we can ensure complete camera coverage on your property.

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