Beware of Security Camera Blind Spots: Q&A with Pro-Vigil’s Founder

In an interview with Jeremy White, we discuss security system blind spots and the best ways to avoid them.

Video surveillance systems, especially those powered by artificial intelligence (AI), are an effective tool for helping businesses detect and deter crime. These systems are built to work through a number of obstacles, including unpredictable weather, locations with no infrastructure, and even worksites on the move. But there’s one problem that even the most sophisticated cameras can’t avoid: blind spots.

We sat down with Pro-Vigil Founder Jeremy White to find out more about blind spots and how you can avoid them.

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Q: What’s the biggest misconception businesses have about video surveillance systems?

JW: One of the biggest is thinking they’re “set it and forget it” solutions. Even the best cameras on the market need fine tuning from time to time, especially when in use at a business where people are constantly coming and going, or where the site is changing. It’s important to keep tabs on the system and make sure that amid changes in the workplace, blind spots haven’t been created.

Q: So where do you start? How do you prevent blind spots?

JW: The way we think about it is “if you can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see you.” It’s that simple. If there’s an area that you think might be prone to suspicious activity, or might serve as a potential entry point for thieves, test it out. Stand in that spot and if you can’t see a camera, then a blind spot exists, and additional security measures should be put in place.

Q: What about those sites you mentioned earlier that are constantly changing?

JW:  Construction sites are a great example of this dynamic.  When a new building project breaks ground, it may just look like a dirt lot – pretty easy for a camera to see across.

But as foundations are poured and walls go up, new structures will inevitably create blind spots. Maybe you just put up a wall that blocks a camera, or perhaps you moved your equipment outside the surveillance range.

This becomes particularly challenging when you’re building a multi-story structure, because with every floor you build, you create a whole new layer of blind spots.

That’s why it’s important to conduct camera checks every couple of months or so. You should make sure you can see surveillance cameras from various areas of your site, especially spots where you think someone may be able to gain entry or where valuable materials or pieces of equipment are being stored.

By conducting these security checks, you can spot gaps in your camera coverage and eliminate blind spots before they ever become a problem.

steps to secure construction sites
Q: If a blind spot is detected,
is it a simple fix?

JW: In most cases, it’s a simple fix that can be as easy as pointing a camera in a different direction. In cases where more cameras are needed – not to worry. There’s a common misconception that the initial number or placement of cameras installed at your business or jobsite is a fixed solution. In fact, surveillance is a very scalable solution with the opportunity to scale up at peak, and scale back as a project winds down. And you may be able to redeploy cameras, for example, from finished areas of the site to ones that are still under construction.

Q: So video surveillance can elastically scale to match the changing dynamics of the site?

JW: Absolutely, and there are different options depending on a specific worksites needs. Take a drilling operation, for example. As a new site begins to take shape, cameras can go up – and be added as needed to cover blind spots. As the project begins to wrap up, and there are fewer pieces of equipment on site that need to be secured, cameras can be scaled back or moved around to new locations.

Mobile solutions, like Pro-Vigil’s, which are powered by solar panels, are a great option for this type of need. It’s a truly scalable and flexible solution that not only helps eliminate blind spots, but also does not require a permanent commitment to one specific layout or location.

mobile video surveillance

The Pro-Vigil Solution

Do you need help detecting blind spots, closing surveillance gaps, or getting started with surveillance altogether? Contact Pro-Vigil today to learn how we can help detect and deter crime at your business, keeping valuable assets from falling into the wrong hands.

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