How to Hire a Video Security Company to Protect Your Business

Today’s technologies enable 24/7/365 remote monitoring via video surveillance. What level of camera and human presence do you need to mitigate security risks?
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For business owners, safety is a constant concern. That’s why it’s common for companies to partner with a security professional versed in the best tactics to keep their assets safe.  

A static network of security cameras never really protects property, it just records incidents. But there are more options available! A professional security monitoring company provides eyes and ears on the ground, adding an extra insurance policy to boost the effectiveness of video surveillance. While it may seem like an additional expense, the long-term ROI from an onsite or remote security monitoring team is high. But do you need an on-premises guard to patrol the business?

This article will help you understand your options when looking for a video security company to protect a business. 

Best Questions to Ask When Considering Video Surveillance

Best Questions to Ask When Considering Video Surveillance

Installing cameras on a business property can be as complex as the business itself. That’s not even getting into choosing the cameras! Before selecting your system, here are a few things to consider:

  • Where is the most vulnerable area of the business that could benefit from video surveillance?

  • Is there wired power to these locations or will solar-powered cameras be necessary?

  • How long will the video surveillance footage need to be stored?

  • Who will be responsible for managing video surveillance and property security?

  • Will the cameras need to be waterproof and tamperproof for outside use?

  • Will the cameras need to be integrated with any other systems?

  • Do you need onsite monitoring of your property security systems? If yes, who will be responsible for it?

  • Does your property really need the security team to be onsite, or could it be done remotely?

  • What are the benefits of offsite monitoring of your commercial video surveillance system?

A professional security company can do an onsite assessment to determine the type of video surveillance tools needed.

Some companies hire a full onsite security team to supplement their video surveillance equipment. Think of that classic image of a uniformed guard, or two, in a room watching a bank of CCTV monitors. Depending on the type and size of your facility, adding a set of professional security experts is a potentially business-saving decision. 

Onsite Security Teams vs. Offsite Surveillance—What’s the Difference?

Onsite Security Teams vs. Offsite Surveillance

An onsite security team is a must for financial institutions, healthcare facilities, or other at-risk businesses and organizations. Short-term public events also require an onsite security presence. But what about, for instance, a car dealership or construction site worried about protecting their business during off-hours?

Today’s technology exposes how inefficient traditional security models can be. With cloud technology, remote security teams can monitor a commercial video surveillance system to provide an immediate response to an onsite disruption. But how is it more efficient?

  • Price: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average salary of an onsite security guard is nearly $30,000. The cost of video surveillance cameras, even with remote monitoring from professionally trained security experts, can be much less than hiring a team to patrol your property. 
  • Liability: Having guards on-site makes you liable for their safety on the job.  Instead of putting a security guard face-to-face with a potential trespasser, a remote guard can use security cameras to assess the problem from afar. Remote video surveillance allows security professionals to use the cameras to verbally communicate and activate alarms—all without exposure to potential harm.
  • Coverage: What happens behind the back of the guard who patrols one stretch of the property and moves on to the next? An onsite security team, unless prohibitively large, simply can’t be in all places at once. Remote monitoring can allow a security team to surveil what’s happening in all the areas of the business simultaneously. Today’s sophisticated AI-driven cameras can be programmed to alert to suspicious activity, aiding and improving the security response.

Sometimes on-site guards are necessary or required. However, with the technology available in commercial video surveillance systems, this is no longer the only option. In fact, these tools can help your on-site guards to their jobs more effectively and safely.

Top Things to Look for in a Video Security Company

Commercial Security Camera System

Selecting a video security company to protect a business is a complex undertaking. There’s risk in selecting the right partnership and the right security model. Some of the top considerations for a video security company include:

  • Is security the main focus of the company? There may be less expensive options with companies that tack on security services to their core business. But is this the best option when security is your primary concern? 
  • Look for extensive experience in the field. Check the firm’s reputation by asking for references. Look online for reviews. Were customers satisfied with the service? 
  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured. How much liability coverage do they have? What are their equipment warranties? Beware of cut-rate security firms that may also offer cut-rate service.
  • Is the company able to accommodate your business needs? What kind of video surveillance tools are available? Do they have both onsite security and remote monitoring? Is the company able or willing to suit your security requirements? 
  • How well trained are the teams that accompany the technology? What ongoing training do they receive? How does the firm hold its guards accountable? 
  • How many commercial video installations have the firm completed? How up-to-date is their technology?
  • Finally, consider the expense of the service and equipment. For ongoing monitoring, does the company bill monthly or weekly? Are there add-on services that the firm supplies at no cost? 

A reputable, high-quality video security company should have a strong track record with clients. Asking the right questions will help you determine the right partnership for your critical business security needs.

Comprehensive Video Security for Business

PRO VIGIL® is the nation’s leading company in comprehensive video security for business. We offer solutions tailored to our clients.  From constant monitoring to proactive deterrence and 911-dispatch, we offer air tight security for any size business. Contact us today.

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