Are Security Cameras Enough for Your Security Services?

Losses from onsite crime can put companies out of business. Crime deterrents are a necessity in today’s world but how do you know if you are offering the right combination of services for your sites?

Live guards, closed circuit television monitors, alarm systems, security cameras, and barrier controls can all be effective ways to deter some theft and vandalism on commercial properties.

But, perhaps individually they are not everything your customer needs. If you present just one of these, is it enough? And if you sell them all, is it redundant or more expensive than it’s worth to your customer?

Of course, some site monitoring services cost more than others, so finding ways to add value to the services you choose to present can offset their spend. The simplest way to manage combined benefits with the overall budget is to understand complementary services. To help them make an educated decision about protecting their commercial properties, the following six considerations should be factor in your analysis: 

  1. Ability to deter crime before it is attempted 
  2. Tracking of onsite events during business hours and during closed hours of operation
  3. Total property visibility and records to review activity
  4. Delivery of insights related to the monitoring and security of your properties
  5. Prevention of theft, vandalism, or other crime at any of your sites
  6. Total cost of your security cameras and program

security options

Of course, not all vendor solutions are the same. If your customer has an imminent threat of onsite fires, an alarm company which specializes in fire alarms is critical to the solution being offered.

Likewise, companies with vast outdoor spaces are at great risk of after-hours theft and vandalism so a proven video surveillance solution is a deal breaker (i.e., Pro-Vigil, Inc.). Have you evaluated your mix of security and surveillance providers lately?

It may be time to reassess where you may have gaps, and where you are getting the most ROI. Every business is unique. Don’t let a one size fits all solution leave your customers with security threats. Talk to us to find your unique security solution today.

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