AI in Video Surveillance: The Best is Yet to Come – Pro-Vigil CTO Weighs in for “Security”

Discover how AI-backed remote video monitoring solutions are revolutionizing crime prevention in businesses, evolving from CCTV to predictive security strategies.
Artificial intelligence surveillance camera

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed remote video monitoring (RVM) solutions have quickly risen to the top of the list when it comes to effective tools in the fight against crime. Businesses are leveraging the power of AI to make their physical security strategies smarter, resulting in faster response times to the most serious situations.

While AI’s power is undeniable – it wasn’t always this way! Pro-Vigil has witnessed the evolution of video surveillance over the years and saying the industry has come a long way would be an understatement. From the record-and-store days of closed-circuit television (CCTV), to the introduction of RVM, and now the introduction of analytics and AI, video-based physical security solutions continue to evolve and get even better at helping businesses detect and respond to crime before it impacts their bottom line.

In a recent article for Security magazine, Pro-Vigil’s Chief Technology Officer Satish Raj explores the various eras of video surveillance over the years. He also dives into how the current application of AI is helping businesses do more than ever before, and how it could usher in an era of predictive physical security in the future.

Hear more from Satish in his Security article: The evolution of AI and physical security.

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