The Advantages of Solar Powered IP Cameras

Consider the power of digital IP technology coupled with a solar powered security camera. Together, these innovative tools keep businesses safe all around the globe. Here’s what to look for in a solar powered IP security camera.
Solar Powered IP Cameras

With all the choices for video cameras available today, choosing the one that’s right for your business can seem like a daunting task. Modern cameras can come with tons of special features: eco-friendly, solar options, IP-driven. These are greatly beneficial, because you can access surveillance video on any digital device (with a WiFi connection.) 

However, how do these features, in practice, keep your business safe? First, let’s talk about the benefits of solar powered security cameras, and then we’ll discuss how IP cameras change the game entirely: 

1. Benefits of Solar Powered Security Cameras

Remote (and geographically challenging) locations may not have access to electricity and wifi, but they still need the same security benefits. In fact, these locations are even harder to secure since they don’t have this access — and thieves know that. 

Fortunately, solar panels offer a supply of energy for surveillance tools, which makes securing the site possible. Each solar security camera unit typically has a rechargeable battery that the camera can draw from. And on cloudy days, these sophisticated tools can still draw power from the visible light through the clouds. The benefits of solar powered security cameras include:

  • Video security in remote locations
  • Function even during power outages
  • Easy installation and mobility
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Day and night monitoring
  • Scalability for growing businesses
  • Durable, long-lasting equipment
  • Can be self-contained or viewed in real-time through the Internet

Solar camera security is a low-cost but high-return option for companies seeking off-grid security. These cameras typically make use of 4G or 5G networks to transmit video images to the property owner or security team. Alternatively, the cameras can simply record information on an SD card for playback later if no Wi-Fi is available. 

Next, let’s look at the benefits of video security cameras that use the Internet to watch your property in real time. 

2. Benefits of IP Security Cameras

Before we begin, would you prefer a static analog image, or a real-time video stream that transmits over the Internet? There are two key differences between these options:

  • Analog: Security cameras record images and store it on a DVR for later playback.
  • Real-time: This is where IP security cameras shine. They send their signals over the Internet for immediate viewing or recording.

IP, which stands for Internet Protocol, security cameras offer a number of benefits that older analog systems can’t do. For example, the best IP camera systems offer: :

  • Higher resolution, which allows for zooming into an image with less blur and more viewing clarity.
  • Key events can be highlighted or flagged based on the parameters you set. Motion detection, camera tampering, or other flagged events can be carved out from standard viewing. With an analog system, you would have to play through all the footage until you find what you need. 
  • You can view the video on any digital device with an Internet connection.
  • These systems are infinitely scalable. By using cloud storage, you can harness the power of the Internet to store and process your footage. In comparison, the number of cameras on an analog security system is limited by the DVR device.
  • IP cameras have a better viewing field, which reduces the number of cameras you need. 
  • If you have multiple IP cameras, you can set up a network video recorder (NVR) to view a dashboard of all your recordings (both video and audio) in one place. 
  • You can add analytics software tools that monitor the footage as it’s being recorded and automate your response. For example, motion detection allows the system to capture and analyze motion in a certain area of your business. The software can notify you or it can set off an alarm or perform another function automatically. 
  • IP cameras more easily integrate with other security solutions such as access control solutions.

The benefits of the best IP camera systems are clear, which is why many companies are upgrading their current security platforms.

Now consider the power of digital IP technology coupled with a solar powered security camera. Together, these innovative tools keep businesses safe all around the globe. Here’s what to look for in a solar powered IP security camera.

Choosing a Solar Powered IP Security Camera

Solar Powered IP Cameras

Imagine a fully automated, real-time, HD video and audio system that doesn’t depend on electricity. Now consider the ability to view and monitor your property from your cell phone.

These tools are rugged and suitable for the most geographically challenging environments and can serve as both free-standing units and off-grid backups.  

The benefits of solar-powered IP cameras are real-time monitoring of remote locations, the ability to automate functions with “smart” software, and a green solution that isn’t  dependent on the power grid. 

Pro-Vigil is one of the most trusted names in business security in the United States, with more than 18,000 cameras deployed across 2,500 locations on any given day. We offer a variety of solutions, including solar powered IP security cameras to keep your company safe.

Talk with our team about the next-generation of solar powered IP cameras designed to mitigate your risk no matter the size of your business or where it’s located.

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