security system saves the day

Many businesses and organizations protect their assets with a security system. But what about the companies that do not?  Here are 5 notorious crimes that a high-tech security system could have easily prevented.

The Case of the Distracted Guards

Distracted Guards

Did Jeffrey Epstein, alleged sex trafficker to the rich and famous, really commit suicide in his jail cell in July of 2019? Unfortunately, we may never know. That night, the guards assigned to his cell were preoccupied. Working overtime, one for the fifth night in a row, and with no one monitoring them, they proceeded to take naps, read up on sports news, motorcycles sales, and shop for furniture. While, just 15 feet away, Epstein was dying from strangulation.

What could they have done differently in this case? 

With a high-tech security system and professional setup, they could have had cameras pointing in all the right places, and virtual guards watching from the outside to monitor the situation. Since cameras were not allowed in Jeffrey’s cell, the guards were solely responsible for monitoring that area.  But there were no cameras monitoring the guards to ensure that they did. And while the attorney general has ruled it a suicide, conspiracy theories are still flying around. 

The Case of the $7 Million Car

A rare Teardrop coupe went missing from a factory building in 2001. This highly prized vehicle with a rich history of elite owners wouldn’t surface again until 2019 thanks to the work of the FBI and a very determined private investigator. 

On the day it was stolen, men in white overalls parked an unmarked box truck at the factory. At that time, the Teardrop was in pieces in the back of the factory and its paperwork scattered in various office drawers. The thieves knew exactly where to look and took everything. A neighbor eyewitness saw them move the vehicle parts with a crane into the unmarked box truck. 

Was this an inside job? What could have gone better in this case? 

If  video cameras were in that factory on the fateful day, the outcome may have been different.  There was no surveillance system in place to monitor activity inside or out of the building. And so the whereabouts of the vehicle remained a mystery for 18 years. 

The Missing Bees that Left California in a Buzz

In 2017, in central California, Pavel Tveretinov stole 2,500 hives of bees. (He was a 51-year-old beekeeper who lived in Sacramento.) The hives were valued at a whopping $875,000 and used to help pollinate California almond orchards. The majority of the beehives belonged to out-of-state beekeepers who rented their bee colonies to the almond tree growers. 

Before these colonies were transported to the almond orchards, Tveretinov would steal them at night while they were dormant. He’d bring in flatbed trailers to move them. He would then rent them out for cash. His scheme was eventually busted, but because bees from different hives were kept on the same property, many of them had interbred, which can lead to aggressiveness and bad health. Some were recovered, but sadly, many were lost.

How could a security system have helped? What many people don’t realize is that there are mobile surveillance systems. These security systems are designed to monitor properties and businesses that may not have access to power or lighting. If the out-of-state beekeepers or almond tree growers had mobile surveillance, they could have caught Tveretinov in the act much sooner. 

The Unassuming Bookkeeper Who Stole $8 Million from Her Employer

You know what they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. 49-year-old Andrea Watson Davidson worked for a company in Houston, TX where she stole millions of dollars over the course of a few years. Davidson, a bookkeeper for the company, used the money to host elaborate parties, go on cruises, pay for limousines, and buy her family and friends expensive gifts.

 How did she do it?  She’d forge checks to herself and others who were in on the scheme. When the bank statements came in, she’d use the office copy machine to alter the information on them. This went on for years until she was finally caught by the credit card fraud department.

Could a security system have prevented this crime? 

Sadly, 75% of employees have stolen from their employers. Catching this type of crime is more complicated than someone who is obviously breaking in your building. However, today’s sophisticated surveillance systems not only monitor activity within your building, but they can also detect suspicious activity. If Davidson was doctoring the bank statements using the office copy machine, it is likely that a modern surveillance system could have helped the company pick up on it much sooner. 

The  $10 Million Amazon Heist

A theft ring in Washington state was able to steal and sell millions of dollars in Amazon goods before finally getting caught. And sadly, Amazon employees were part of the crime. Their job was to travel to the airport and pick up goods that people were returning to Amazon and also to deliver items to the post office for shipping out to customers. But instead of taking the goods to the right destinations, these employees would sell them to pawn shops. 

Where do security cameras come in? 

Now, it’s likely that a large conglomerate like Amazon does have a security system in place, but maybe it’s time for them to evaluate it. If they used features like virtual guards to watch the Amazon warehouse that these drivers transported goods in and out of, they could have closely monitored it. And maybe even identified suspicious activity such as returning to the warehouse without a stockpile of returned items. 

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