Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Security Tools

We know that every 43 seconds a car is stolen in the United States. What makes it worse is that only 6% of the thieves are caught.

So, you pay a price for criminals to enjoy your vehicles. It takes expert leaders in the security industry and superior technology to begin to overcome these disheartening facts and maximize the effectiveness of your solution. 

Every 43
seconds a
car is stolen

Only 6%
Of thieves
are caught

Only 6%
of thieves
are caught

Not at your dealership

Expert Leaders

Look for the proven leaders in the industry. Trust in the way they have built their careers based on pure subject matter expertise and don’t settle for less than 25 years of dedicated industry focus from your security providers. Additionally, the people in leadership of the partners you choose make a big difference.

Be sure that the companies with whom you are involved have expert level leaders with great tenure and savviness about the industry. In the case of security and surveillance solutions, exposure to the nuances of various solutions, combined with years in the field, affect the outcome for auto dealers who need a trusted resource. 

Superior Technology

Most dealerships have some form of security already in place but are they as effective as they could be? There are simple steps vehicle dealerships like yours can take to maximize tools which may already be onsite. To deter trespassers consistently, your system should utilize artificial intelligence to quickly detect and assess threats.

Sophisticated machine learning is a game changer when used to create remote video monitoring features. For example, imagine having the ability for quick word searches to isolate suspected incidents instead of sifting through footage. The result is time savings and efficiency.

Now imagine intruders being scared off 97% of the time without human intervention. The result is you not receiving false alarms or having to go onsite to check cameras unnecessarily. These are just a couple of examples of how advanced technology can maximize your security protocol. 

What does all of that mean to you?

It means that it is now possible to detect an out of the ordinary event on your property, assess it, and either dismiss it or send the authorities in 18 seconds or less. With the leadership and industry expertise of Pro-Vigil, the most advanced technology is available for vehicle dealerships nationwide. 

Spend fifteen minutes with one of the most renowned industry experts, Jeremy. Upon imparting tips and best practices, Jeremy White, Founder of Pro-Vigil will be available for your specific Q&A. 

Unable to attend at this time? No problem. If you miss the webinar as scheduled, we can send you a link to watch it in your own time. Just let us know where to provide the info!

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