What You Need to Know about Business Surveillance Licensing

Can your business surveillance company walk like they talk? Why having a license to back them up is essential for your protection.
commercial security licensing

Utilizing the expertise of a private security agency for business surveillance can provide your company with peace of mind and protection – if you choose the security agency wisely.

One of the first things that you should look for is legal certification and business surveillance licensing, but why does that matter?

Why Licensure Matters

The security industry is becoming increasingly in demand. In fact, it’s forecast to experience exponential growth, moving from a $36.89 Billion industry to one valued at $68.34 Billion by 2023. But more options for your business surveillance doesn’t necessarily equate to better options.

You need to be able to distinguish the difference between a reputable, sound company and a fly-by-night one. And one of the ways to do so is to find out whether or not it’s legally certified.

To trust someone else with valuable property, you want to be confident that they’re following the rules and regulations set forth by the government.

The government has introduced a system of a clear set, legally ratified conditions to ensure that everyone is being protected and that the right party will be held accountable if something goes wrong. And while these conditions are beneficial, they do make it difficult to become fully licensed as a surveillance provider.

However, security companies who go through this rigorous process are committed to the safety and security of their clients and to the legitimacy of their own company.

The Process to Become Licensed in Business Surveillance

Surveillance providers face a number of obstacles in the licensure process. First, they must designate the kinds of service they’ll offer. They must be very specific about this because the requirements can vary.

For example, a provider offering video monitoring services may have one set of expectations to meet whereas a company focused on alarm services could have a different one. And these requirements could be entirely different than a company focused on another industry niche.

Licensing requirements not only vary by service, but they can also change from one location to the next. For example, two providers offering the same business surveillance services that are located in different states may have completely different sets of licensing requirements and fees because the laws and requirements are established by each state.

Laws can also change from year to year. And licensed security companies are required to do their due diligence and stay compliant with the governing rules in their location. It’s a process that requires commitment. But security companies that make it a priority to maintain their licensure demonstrate a level of commitment that you want in your security provider.

Finding a Licensed Provider

As you begin your search for a business surveillance provider, you are bound to ask questions about the cost and services they provide. Along with these questions, simply ask them for their state license number. They should readily provide this information, and you can even verify it if you are still unsure.

If a company is unwilling to provide this information or offers an excuse as to why they don’t have it, then your better off finding someone else – even if they are the cheapest option.

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