What Can Video Analytics Do For Your Business?

Security video footage analytics and data can be eye opening for your business, and help you deter future activity. Here's why.
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Video analytics can significantly improve your security and give you a better understanding of your customers. With features like facial recognition, behavioral analysis, emotion detection, and people counting, video analytics helps you create a better experience for your customers and keep your company safe from suspicious activity. Let’s look at some video analytics features and what they can do to protect and improve your business.

Behavioral Analytics To Gain Customer Insights

Do you ever wish you could see inside the minds of your customers so that you can serve them better – and ultimately generate more sales? Video analytics can help you get a better sense of your customers and what drives their decisions. Video analysis picks up information that humans can’t. It records what your shoppers look at, how long they look at it, and even their expressions in any given moment while shopping in your store.

One of the types of behavioral analytics is emotion detection. This can be used to get a better sense of where people go throughout the store through the use of heat mapping technology. You can then use this data to plan out your product placement so that new displays or items you want to sell quickly receive more attention.  Using these video analytics, you can also discover the parts of your store that people rarely pass through and map out your store plan more effectively.

Video Analytics For Security

Behavioral analysis can also be used for security purposes. Using video surveillance tools, you can monitor and observe people’s body movements while in your store. How they walk and act can be tell-tale signs of suspicious activity. Large operations such as airports and sports venues use video object tracking as part of their surveillance, which combined with behavioral analysis can be a very effective tool for preventing theft.

Live video monitoring, another feature available through video analytics, allows you to monitor everything that is happening in your store in real-time from anywhere.

If someone does attempt a crime in your store, it will be captured on video. And with the facial recognition feature of your video analytics, this person can be identified based on their features so that you and the proper authorities can be notified.

People counting is another form of video analytics technology that can help you know who is entering and exiting your premises at all times. If someone enters the store but doesn’t exit when the store is closed for the night, you will know about it. Additionally, you can use this information to track patterns of activity and identify when your company is busiest.

Video Analytics Experience Is Not Required

You don’t need to be an expert in big data to take advantage of video analytics. Pro-Vigil can provide you with the systems and services you need to receive all the benefits, without being an expert in analytics.

Pro-Vigil’s video analytics software will sift through all of your company’s many hours of video content to find a specific series of events related to an incident. All it takes on your end is the click of a button. We can pull information based on a variety of search parameters such as objects in frame, the color of objects, and time to quickly find the information you are looking for. Video analytics is a game-changer for many businesses from both customer experience and security standpoints.

Pro-Vigil has a track record of deterring crime 97% of the time without having to contact the authorities. To learn more about Pro-Vigil video analytics and surveillance systems, contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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