Why Veterans Make Great Employees in Physical Security

Hiring veterans to run your physical security can be a rest-assured way to have the most well-trained personnel for the job. Here’s why.
veterans in physical security

Across industries and sectors, veterans can make excellent employees.

Veterans are disciplined, highly trained in various fields, and they’ve learned the value of teamwork – all which make them ideal for the field of physical security.

The physical security industry needs skilled workers who possess the knowledge to use high tech tools and analytics as well as demonstrate the ability to make smart decisions even under pressure.

Hiring security personnel with a military background could be one of the best ways to protect your business from danger. Here’s why we believe hiring veterans benefits your business.

They are Vetted

Hiring veterans means that you are hiring men and women who have already been cleared to handle sensitive information.

Because military personnel often deal with national security risks and issues, they go through a number of rigorous background checks to reach different levels of clearance. This may mean that you can fill security positions quickly.

Experience with Security Technology

Most military vets have used video analytics, digital cameras, and a variety of other high-tech tools and software to protect our country. So, wouldn’t they be able to protect your business? Moving into physical security and its technological demands is a natural fit for many of those coming out of the military.

The Value of Teamwork

The physical security industry often requires people working together to achieve a common purpose – something that veterans are very familiar with.

In some cases, their lives could have depended on teamwork. This is a transferrable skill that serves them well in security. If you depend on a team to protect your business, you can feel confident that a team involving veterans knows how to work together.

Goal Oriented

Veterans are also very goal-oriented. They learned how to advance through the ranks while in the military and will work diligently to do the same in their civilian jobs. They know how to make career goals and they have the discipline to follow through with them.

With the physical security industry expecting to register a CAGR of 9.4% between 2019 and 2025, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement, especially at growing companies. Adding a career-minded veteran to your security team means adding someone who cares about performing their job well and moving up in the company.

Pro-Vigil Supports Hiring Veterans

At Pro-Vigil, we have great respect and admiration for those who have served our country. And we support hiring veterans for physical security roles. They are hard-working, loyal, and talented individuals who would be a great addition to any security team.

Pro-Vigil is the most reliable live surveillance company in the security industry today. We prevent crime in 97% of all instances while viewing over 1 million events per day. To learn more about what we can do for your business, visit us online.

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