Unleashing AI’s Power: Pro-Vigil’s CTO Shares Thoughts with SecurityInfoWatch.com

AI in physical security: Discover how Pro-Vigil's AI-enhanced RVM is revolutionizing crime detection and prevention in various industries.
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There’s no denying that artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated headlines in 2023. Everyone is talking about how to use AI to streamline repetitive tasks, generate content, and more. What’s being overlooked in these conversations is the fact that AI is also playing a major role in the transformation of physical security strategies.

Pro-Vigil has seen first-hand the difference AI makes in helping businesses detect and deter crime. Whether it’s a construction site trying to keep trespassers from taking off with valuable materials, an auto dealer searching for a way to curb catalytic converter thefts, or an electric company looking for the right security solution to make sure service continues uninterrupted, pairing AI with Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) is helping make it all possible. It has simply become a must-have combination for any business looking to reduce the cost of crime and stop thieves and vandals in their tracks.

Our Chief Technology Officer Satish Raj recently shared his thoughts with SecurityInfoWatch.com on how AI has transformed RVM solutions by speeding up video surveillance review and response times. He also weighed in on how AI “learns” what is suspicious to constantly improve accuracy, and how AI models can be customized by vertical industry for specific use cases. After all, AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution and must be customized for specific businesses to experience the best results, right down to individual locations.

Read what Satish had to say in his SecurityInfoWatch.com article: Move Over ChatGPT – AI Is Physical Security’s Secret Weapon.

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