What Are the Types of Security Systems for Business?

Today’s video surveillance cameras can detect motion in a specific area of your business. Since they use AI, they can discern a bag blowing across the lot or an overly curious cat versus a human shape. But that’s only the starting point for their effectiveness.
Types of Security Systems for Business

Out of sight, out of mind. That may be how you treat your business security system –  until there is a problem, of course. You may be surprised by the types of surveillance and security tools on the market today. This blog will look at the many types of security systems for businesses. From artificial intelligence (AI) software to cloud video storage, today’s video surveillance tools up the ante on criminals in ways you may not have imagined.

Types of Security Systems for Businesses

Your business is protected by a web of surveillance and security. These tools extend your eyes and ears. From access control solutions and alarm systems to remote monitoring and video surveillance, security infrastructure is something you can’t live without. The problem is that criminals evolve in their techniques. That means your business protection architecture should, too.

Take video surveillance as an example. It’s just one of the types of security systems for businesses, but it’s critically important. Here’s the rub—criminals understand CCTV cameras are just about everywhere. So, they’ve changed their tactics to accommodate these types of surveillance tools. How can you fight back?

Consider how newer, modern cameras have been one of the key types of surveillance systems for your business:

Cameras are smarter now.

Smart Surveillance Systems New AI software enables your cameras to discern between activities. For example, AI smart cameras can monitor your property line. They can recognize the difference between someone outside or inside that line and respond appropriately to both. These cameras feature machine learning algorithms that learn from past behaviors. As they learn, they become more effective. These tools can also monitor things like license plate numbers. For example, if a former employee on a do-not-enter list drives into your lot, the software could ping the cell phone of a security guard. 

No electricity? Remote site? No problem.

solar video surveillance camera

Today’s business surveillance tools no longer have to be hard-wired. There are solar-powered cameras with battery backups. They are environment-hardened and can be placed in the harshest conditions. These units connect wirelessly to the internet giving you real-time footage from literally any location. 

Modern surveillance uses the cloud to great effect.

cloud video storage

You don’t have to store camera footage on an unwieldy and vulnerable server in your back office. Instead, this data flows to the cloud off-site, away from criminals, trespassers, or even employees. It’s automatically backed up and secure. You can access this data from any device. From a custom web portal, you can search and store footage with tags, making it easy to look up what you need. 

Newer video security systems for business include crystal-clear, HD video and other imaging options.

HD video security systems

When coupled with night vision infrared, these tools can literally see in the dark. Thermal imaging cameras detect heat levels and don’t rely on light to create an image. They aren’t distorted by artificial light, dust, or fog. No more grainy, hard-to-see CCTV footage!

Virtual security guards are an important add-on to your video surveillance.

What is Remote Video Monitoring

You no longer have to rely on a costly on-site security presence. Instead, your IP-enabled wireless cameras connect to the internet where a trained remote guard is watching your business. This subscription service provides the always-on security presence you’ve been waiting for.

Today, fences aren’t enough.

Even fence companies suggest adding video surveillance. They know criminals can cut through electric fences, wait for the police to leave, and then go back and forth through the tunnel they’ve made—sometimes for weeks. Unlike a fence, a Pro-Vigil video surveillance camera is repaired within 48-hours. 

For remote corners of your parking lot, consider motion detection cameras with audio and visual alerts.

Modern Parking Surveillance Cameras

Today’s video surveillance cameras can detect motion in a specific area of your business. Since they use AI, they can discern a bag blowing across the lot or an overly curious cat versus a human shape. But that’s only the starting point for their effectiveness. If the camera senses a trespasser on your property, it can also sound a loud alarm and can shine a bright light on the person. It’s a startling effect that causes many criminals to run away. Behind the scenes, though, you’ve captured their actions.

Simultaneously, these devices can alert your team by email, tablet, or smartphone with real-time video of what’s happening at your business. Unlike “dumb” security cameras, today’s video surveillances tools engage criminals in real time, going beyond just recording the criminal activity as it occurs. 

Now that you understand some of the new types of video security systems for your business, let’s look at these tools in action. How can the evolution of the old CCTV camera fight back against today’s criminal element?

New Types of Business Surveillance Security Systems in Action

The days of grainy, poorly placed, hard-wired and reactive CCTV cameras are over. The types of video security systems today are smarter and more agile than ever before. These tools do way more than record activity and forcing you to pursue the criminal after the fact. Instead, the latest video surveillance tools can deter crime before it happens. 

Previously, with older security cameras, a break-in scenario looked something like this:

Difference Between IP and CCTV Camera image qualityThe criminal cut the alarm line and entered your business. CCTV camera footage showed the intruder in grainy footage. You turned over the DVD to the police. Now you’re waiting for results that might never come.

With today’s types of surveillance, you have proactive options that have a completely different result:

The criminal enters your property from the side through a rear parking lot. Video surveillance triggers a perimeter alert that sends a ping to your security staff leader’s cell phone. They go online to pull up a real-time visual of the intruder. Simultaneously, the potential threat approaches the wireless camera mounted on a pole in your lot. Loud flashing lights and a loud audible alert warns the interloper your team sees them, they are trespassing, and the authorities have been called. The would-be criminal runs off. You, on the other hand, can sleep soundly, blissfully unaware.

proactive video surveillance, video surveillance for thiefAlternatively, the criminal approaches a back window at your business. Remotely, a virtual security guard watches from a bank of monitors in 24/7 video surveillance security center. The guard pans and zooms the camera in to see the crow bar in the criminal’s hand. The virtual security guard calls the police then calls you. The police arrive before the criminal even makes it inside.

While these are just two scenarios of the effectiveness of these types of security systems for business protection. If you’re wondering whether your old CCTV system is up to the task of stopping criminal behavior, you are already too vulnerable. 

Don’t let your outdated video surveillance systems allow criminals to threaten your investments. Pro-Vigil specializes in the latest high-tech cameras with advanced software as well as live virtual monitoring 24/7/365. We deter criminals 97% of the time and dispatch the police the other 3%.  If you’re not confident that your security system can pull this off, talk to the team at Pro-Vigil to explore your options.

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