Three Types of Construction Site Surveillance Cameras For Site Monitoring

Construction site monitoring protects employees, provides reliable documentation, and helps preserve the security, integrity, and ultimately the success of construction projects.

Construction site security presented unique challenges in 2020 as many projects were put on hold due to a global pandemic. This forced active job sites to temporarily close, leaving them increasingly vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Although many of these companies use construction site surveillance cameras, outdated models are significantly less effective at securing job sites.

From stolen appliance packaging and piping, to water heaters on residential build sites, 2020 has been a problematic year for the construction industry. The theft of heavy construction equipment and tools on commercial properties, and even squatting and vandalism became commonplace when job sites were unprotected. But while many of us have made it back to work, not everyone can be on the job site 24/7. That’s where 21st-century security systems come in handy to lessen your vulnerability and risk.

Here are a few surveillance options specifically catered to securing job sites.

Fixed Security Cameras


Fixed cameras are a static solution to security when you can’t be on the job. They are not the standard old-fashioned cameras most people think about when they imagine a job site security camera.

They come equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats and respond in ways that fit your needs. The software can tell the difference between a plastic bag blowing across a property line and a person breaking into an equipment trailer.

Fixed security cameras can be hard-wired or wireless, harnessing the Internet to transmit data from your site to your cell phone. Automated alerts sound the alarm if there’s a problem, and everything is recorded and tagged for easy access later on. Your security team can even automate warning alert systems to deter any detected trespassers while notifying you with a text. These alarms can be fully automated and integrated with other systems that could do things like alert the police.

These are a few of the smart features you’ll find in today’s fixed construction security systems—and the technology is improving all the time.

Mobile Security Cameras

For remote construction sites without reliable electricity, mobile security cameras are the best option. These cameras have all the next-generation features that fixed cameras do with the only difference being their source of energy.

Mobile security cameras use the 4G mobile network powered by some of the most reliable names in the business, like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. They are powered by a long-running rechargeable battery and come equipped with solar panels for consistent recharge. They can even be mounted on trailers making them quite literally mobile.

Simple IP issues could interrupt most security cameras. To combat this, top construction site surveillance providers like Pro-Vigil offer IP Health Monitoring services to regularly check the status of your cameras.

Construction Site Surveillance Cameras and Virtual Guards

Best Video Surveillance Systems

Onsite security guards are expensive and rely on having someone in the right place at the right time to stop crime. Today, efforts to monitor your construction site can take advantage of the latest technology for 24/7/365 construction site surveillance. Virtual guards use high-end construction security cameras while monitoring your property from afar.

Virtual guards can monitor video feeds from one or multiple sites. This allows you to save the salary you’d pay for an onsite guard, replacing them with virtual security guards and high tech cameras. Unlike onsite guards, surveillance solutions don’t have blind spots or the urge to fall asleep, and are suitable for protecting job sites. That’s not to say onsite security guards are obsolete. In fact, security guards benefit from a surveillance system capable of informing them where suspicious activity is taking place.

Virtual guards use two-way audio and AI-automation tools, enabling immediate and effective security interventions. They provide video verification to law enforcement to decrease response times. And they aid in reducing false alarms that are so maddening in the middle of the night. They can even do a virtual security patrol the same way an onsite guard does, by switching between camera feeds.

Another benefit is that these tools and services can be used to keep tabs on people who enter your site after hours with authorization. If a contract worker behaves unsafely, for instance, there can be video proof in settling any disputes.

Alternatively, these job site security systems can be leveraged to watch out for the safety of a solo or small work team. If a worker is hurt or threatened by an intruder, the virtual guard can push the panic button and call for an immediate response. They can also use two-way audio to verify the status of the employee.

Construction Site Surveillance: The Necessity of Security Cameras

Construction Site Cameras

Theft on construction sites have increased this year leading to a significant loss for the industry as a whole. From building materials to equipment, vandalism, and squatting, construction sites are often a criminal’s top target.

The most effective construction site security cameras combine the best in technology with smart features to make these tools more effective than ever before. These tools reduce legwork, cut costs, and are more effective at detecting and preventing crime. Construction site monitoring protects employees, provides reliable documentation, and helps preserve the security, integrity, and ultimately the success of construction projects.

Pro-Vigil is a leading resource for intelligent video surveillance tools that make use of the most cutting-edge technologies available today. We help protect our clients every day from loss, whether it’s equipment, materials, or revenue. Our experts work one-on-one with clients to ensure their surveillance strategies are met with the utmost efficiency and reliability.

Find out why more construction companies choose to partner with our expert security consultants to design cutting-edge solutions to mitigate their risk. Start the conversation with Pro-Vigil and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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