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It’s no secret that most people are using a mobile device to stay connected and several apps to remain organized. This includes managing aspects of their work from anywhere.
Remote Project management and phone apps

3 Ways This App Changed Sam’s Life.

It’s no secret that most people are using a mobile device to stay connected and several apps to remain organized. This includes managing aspects of their work from anywhere. In fact, 91% of people are on their mobile devices regularly while at home and I think there is a good reason for it. They save time that way.

It’s true in Sam’s case too. He is a hardworking man who gets more done because now he’s always connected to the ten construction sites around the city that he’s currently managing. Just like the 86% of mobile users who spend most of their time on mobile apps, Sam knows that using a mobile device and work-related apps is really all about time efficiency.

He learned a few lessons the hard way though.

Lesson 1: Change Your Work Life Balance

It was a beautiful evening, bases were loaded, and his son, Mack was up to bat. Then the phone rang. It was the alarm company notifying Sam that the front gate alarm at one of his sites was going off.

He couldn’t take chances with activity reported after hours because he knows that construction sites are burglarized once every four months and he can’t rely on problem-oriented policing to catch them all.

Luckily this one was just the wind having blown some material around. Imagine how disappointed Sam was when he had to leave his son’s little league game to go to the office for another false alarm.

If he’d had remote video monitoring in place, and a sophisticated app with live HD views, he’d have known it was a false alarm from the comfort of his folding chair behind home plate.

Lesson 2: Time Efficiency Skyrockets When Using the Right Apps

The property owners had been trying to get each investor’s schedule aligned for a ribbon cutting. They finally set a date and time that was outside of normal construction site hours. It should have been easy to set up though because Sam knows the logistics of planned site activities (PSA).

He called the alarm company yet he wasn’t able to reach his rep directly. So, he left a message.

They followed up with him an hour later but he couldn’t take the call because he was overseeing field measurements for blueprint comparison. Later that afternoon he reached their call center and provided the PSA details.

Unfortunately, he noticed on the email confirmation that the specific location was lost in translation. He had to call again.

If only he’d used the robust app provided for free by his managed surveillance company he could have simply scheduled when to arm and disarm each of his properties.

He could have done it in less than a minute, from anywhere.

Lesson 3: Compromising Sleep Hours is Unnecessary

Most people are grouchy when their sleep is interrupted. Rest assured that when Sam doesn’t get enough sleep, everyone around him knows it.

Now imagine Sam’s reaction to a 3 AM alert of an on-site activity which required him to sort and view footage to ensure things were secure. A small poodle was on the premises. The pooch shouldn’t have been there but surely was not a criminal or a vandal.

Not only could it have been avoided with the stage one detection and 24 second reaction in remote video monitoring, but he could have taken a look at it the next morning from his efficient app which has links to any activity logged for quick viewing.

Doesn’t everyone like quick views of things?

These lessons are standard ideologies about work life balance, time management, and the importance of sleep. The key finding here is not the lessons themselves but how it is that one simple work-related app changed Sam’s ability to embrace these aspects of his life. So, when I say that I think there is a good reason for people to be on their mobile devices regularly at home, it is with the understanding that these people can live and work as happily as Sam.

For more about the single app that changed Sam’s life, click here.

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