The True Value of Thermal Security Cameras

If you ask any law enforcement officer when theft, vandalism and other property crimes typically occur, the odds are they’ll tell you it’s at night.
Thermal Security Cameras

Criminals thrive under the cover of darkness, most properties are unoccupied at night, and standard video surveillance systems cannot provide adequate image quality in dark and low-lit environments. 

Knowing this, there are two ways to protect your perimeter at night:

1) add lights to the property, or
2) use thermal security cameras.

And out of the two, thermal cameras are typically the better option for most properties. These cameras can detect heat emissions signifying human presence – even in complete darkness – and then alert security teams to potential threats.

Thermal Security Cameras

This is a big advantage over using physical security guards, because thermal security cameras can “see” in dark areas, even when human eyes cannot. And, unlike humans, these cameras:

  • Cannot be fooled by camouflage or patterns blending into the background;
  • Can track residual heat from handprints and footprints; 
  • Can detect heat through leaves and other light covering; and 
  • Can see through dust, smoke, snow or light fog to detect and record criminal activity.

Thermal security cameras function just as well in the dark (at night or when lights are off) as they do during the day in extremely well-lit environments.

They provide high-quality, high-contrast images and videos. And, shadows, poor weather and backlight do not lessen their effectiveness. The result is a reduced number of false alarms, which provides companies with more accurate crime detection and a stronger physical security strategy.

Pro-Vigil’s thermal security cameras go beyond these thermal imaging capabilities to take security one step further. Pro-Vigil’s cameras:

  • Can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to identify intruders the exact moment they trespass;
  • Can be programmed with audiovisual deterrents, such as flashing lights and verbal warnings, to scare off would-be criminals; and
  • Can be monitored 24/7 by a trained security team. 

With Pro-Vigil, companies can not only detect incidents around the clock, but proactively deter crime.

Infrared Imaging in Low-lit Environments

Thermal Security Cameras
CCTV. Simulation of body temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera. Protection of sity streets.

In low-lit environments, where it’s not completely dark but there’s not enough light to capture a sharp image from a standard camera, you can opt for an HD camera that has infrared imaging.

For example, Pro-Vigil’s HD cameras use infrared-enhanced light sensing to improve visibility and optimize clarity in dim lighting. 

So, for example, a thermal security camera would be preferable at an electrical substation in the middle of nowhere, but an HD camera with infrared imaging may work just fine to protect a dealership lot that is dimly lit with solar-powered security lights.

Often, the best strategy is to use a combination of both thermal security cameras and HD cameras with infrared imaging. Here’s why: While thermal imaging is a great option for identifying if someone is approaching your property limits, it’s not as effective when you need to drill down to get details – and this is because users see just a blob of color when a person is detected in the dark.

For example, if a crime is committed on your property and you only have thermal security cameras, you won’t be able to see distinguishing characteristics that may be helpful in catching the perpetrator.  

Using thermal security cameras to protect the perimeter of your property and HD cameras (combined with adequate property lighting) to monitor the areas between the perimeter and your onsite buildings, is the optimal way to protect your business from nighttime crime.

Security Camera Assessment & Design

Thermal Security Cameras

A whole lot more goes into your video surveillance strategy than just which type of cameras you should use (though this is an extremely important consideration).

This is why, at Pro-Vigil, we start every customer engagement with a site assessment to provide recommendations on not only the best type of cameras for your environment, but how many cameras are needed to successfully protect the business, where they should be located, how they should be angled and much more.

Our goal during this process is to provide customers with maximum coverage at the lowest price point possible.

In addition to benefiting from our expertise, experience, guidance and support, our customers also can rest assured that they’re getting top-of-the-line cameras – whether HD with infrared imaging or thermal security cameras.

This is so important because cheap commodity cameras often provide poor image quality, low bandwidth and minimum storage capacity, and they often can’t withstand the elements, so they don’t hold up well in outdoor environments – all important factors in getting the most out of your video surveillance system. 

With Pro-Vigil – from technology to the team behind it – you can remain confident that you’ll get maximum return on investment from your video surveillance system. To find out how we can help protect your business 24/7, contact us today.

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