The Security Challenge That Every Auto Dealership Faces

One of the biggest challenges in car dealership security is providing easy access to potential customers while protecting the business and its valuable assets from crime.

Nearly half of all car buyers are walk-ins, so auto dealership security systems must not make it difficult for your customers to shop. However, while your security systems should be unobtrusive, or even unnoticed by customers, they definitely should make it difficult for criminals.

So how do you keep thieves out while encouraging customers to come in? After all, there’s no way to tell if a walk-in is one or the other. While it’s less common for a thief to steal in broad daylight, a visitor could be assessing the property for security cameras. Breaking in after hours will be easier if they are familiar with the layout. 

Rising Crime in Auto Dealerships

Theft of vehicles and parts is on the rise. The auto industry is a $926 billion industry and continues to grow every year. In the United States alone, 17.5 million motor vehicles that were sold just last year. But along with this increase in revenues comes an increased risk of crime. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), theft of vehicles rose by more than four percent in 2017. 

Of course, there are security measures you have probably already taken. Be sure to assess regularly if they are effective.

While live security guards may have worked to scare off criminals in the past, today’s auto criminals are savvy. They will study the patterns of employees and security guards to plan the best time for a crime. They know as well as you do that on-site security guards cannot possibly cover all of your car dealership, all of the time.

What about gates? Some may be more discouraging than others. Surely some form of perimeter security is a must but they only serve as a deterrent for vehicle theft. Remember, not all auto theft involves stealing an entire vehicle. Many thieves today are also looking for valuable parts, which can easily be hoisted over a gate. You need auto dealership security systems that can monitor your inventory around the clock.

Remote Video Surveillance for Auto Dealership Security

CCTV camera or surveillance system for car dealer monitoring

To protect your automobile dealership from theft, remote video surveillance paired with intelligent live monitoring is one of the best car dealership security measures you can put in place.

Remote video surveillance addresses many challenges in car dealership security. The benefits are boundless. It allows you to monitor your potential customers as they walk your dealership lot and it can help you identify any potential threats. IP cameras set up with advanced software will trigger anything out of the ordinary. This happens within seconds because remote video surveillance uses artificial intelligence (AI) backed up by human intervention as needed. And if for some reason you can’t see an area well enough, the pan-tilt-zoom functionality can be adjusted from the smart phone app. This means that even when you are away, you can keep a watchful eye on your assets.

Pro-Vigil: The Undisputed Leader in Car Dealership Security

Auto Dealership Security

Pro-Vigil’s managed surveillance solutions do more than simply record what is happening throughout your auto dealership. We actively protect your property, giving you a direct view of what’s happening at the click of a button. By installing the Pro-Vigil fixed security solution, or by including Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring with any existing camera system, we can help you get the reassurance you deserve.

The FBI estimates nearly $6 billion worth of vehicles are stolen each year with an average loss being $8,407. Without the right kind of auto dealership security systems in place, your dealership could be next.

Contact us to learn more about our managed surveillance solutions.

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