Sign of the Season: Time for a Security Check Up

While spring cleaning is an annual tradition for many, we think it’s time you add a new tradition to the calendar – a seasonal security check-up!
spring security

That’s right, winter is on its way out with spring quickly moving in. And some businesses may have neglected their security strategy over the past few months.

Lockdowns, reduced hours of operation, reduced workforces and colder weather may have forced some to put physical security on the backburner. Now’s the time to make sure your security strategy is primed for success – and it doesn’t have to take a ton of time.

Three Simple Seasonal Tips to Jumpstart “Security Spring Cleaning”

  • Adjust lighting timers – Most security lights are timed to turn on and off at certain periods of the day. For example, during the winter, they might be set to come on at 5 p.m., since it gets dark so early. But now, each day stays lighter later, and timers should be adjusted accordingly. Optimal timing on security lights can be instrumental in deterring crime.

  • Perimeter security check-up – Security fences and gates require routine maintenance. Now is an opportune time to ensure perimeter security is in good shape, and all locks inside and around your business are in working order. It’s also a chance to patch up any holes or repair broken fencing that may have been damaged over the winter months.

  • Optimize hours of operations – With warmer weather and longer days ahead, employees may be tempted to invite customers to check out inventory after hours (inviting prospects to view car inventory after a dealership has closed, for example). This practice can be problematic, because it impacts an intelligent video surveillance system’s ability to separate suspicious activity from legitimate business. Help the professionals monitoring your site by instructing employees to observe business hours and not invite anyone on site after hours.

Find that your physical security strategy isn’t getting the job done, or needs a revamp? Pro-Vigil’s smart video surveillance solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can trigger audio and visual crime deterrents within 18 seconds of a detected intrusion. Check out the video below to see Pro-Vigil in action:

To learn more about how Pro-Vigil can help secure your site, contact us today.

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