Solving Security Guard Staffing Shortages with Virtual Guards

Across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on businesses. First, widespread closures forced many businesses to close their doors for good. And now, due to a nationwide labor shortage, business owners are having a hard time finding the staff to keep doors open once again.
staffing shortages

From schools looking for quality teachers, to restaurants in search of wait and kitchen staff, and even hospitals in need of trained medical professionals, staffing is a major problem.

Because of this shortage, many businesses are being forced to open late and close early, or worse, only open for business several days a week.

In many cases, this means prolonged periods of time with limited or no employees on site – and no one keeping an eye on valuable assets and inventory.

This includes security guards.

Many businesses rely on physical security guards to keep an eye on surveillance monitors in real-time and make their rounds to ensure that no trespassers or suspicious activity is taking place.

And without them, thieves are primed to take advantage of this gap in security defenses.

Staffing Shortages = Security Concerns

Due to the ongoing pandemic and staffing issues, business owners are having a hard time finding the qualified security guards they need. In some cases, businesses are offering premium salaries to try and attract the security guard talent they seek.

Thumbtack estimates the average hourly rate for a security guard at $15-$25. And those rates can run as high as $100 an hour depending on the type of security and skill level you are looking for. Recently, we heard from one company who has upped the annual salary for a single security guard position to $100,000 just to get someone on-site as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that while businesses cannot control staffing shortages and the potential security risks that come with not having guards employed, they can take action to make sure their physical security strategy is as robust as possible.

And while on-site security guards may be more expensive than ever to hire, or worse, simply not available, there is a solution – remote video monitoring (RVM).

Around the Clock Security with Virtual Security Guards

Unlike on-site security guards, RVM solutions like Pro-Vigil’s utilize virtual security guards to keep watch over your business. This means that our trained team of monitoring professionals is remotely monitoring suspicious activity on your property.

The benefit is that no matter what staffing shortages are taking place in your area, virtual guards are always available. They are never in short supply, never take a sick day, and can be a much more cost-effective solution that can easily be scaled up or down depending on your evolving physical security needs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras

And Pro-Vigil goes a step further, utilizing high-definition surveillance cameras powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the AI can detect when suspicious activity is taking place.

That information is then passed on to our team of virtual guards who decide what action to take depending on the threat level. This may result in audio and visual deterrents being triggered (like bright flashing strobe lights and pre-recorded announcements telling the trespassers to leave) or, when necessary, contact the appropriate authorities.

The bottom line is this – no matter what the staffing situation is with security guards or regular employees, physical security at your business shouldn’t take a hit as a result. RVM solutions utilizing virtual guards to monitor your property and valuable assets offer around the clock protection and are often more cost effective in the long run.

If you would like to learn how Pro-Vigil’s RVM solutions and team of guards can help protect your property from anywhere, anytime, please contact us today.

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