Should You Rethink Physical Security? Pro-Vigil Founder Explains in SecurityInfoWatch

In a SecurityInfoWatch article, Pro-Vigil's founder reveals why 53% of businesses didn't update security strategies, despite rising crime concerns.

Each year, Pro-Vigil polls business operations leaders to find out their perceptions on crime, its impact on business, and what they’re doing about it. In our most recent survey, 53% of respondents reported not changing their security strategy in the previous year, despite 87% believing crime will increase or stay the same in the year ahead.

Leaders believe crime is on the rise, so why aren’t they beefing up their security strategies? Physical security is constantly evolving and must be reevaluated from time-to-time. Pro-Vigil Founder Jeremy White recently shared his thoughts with and his message is clear: it’s time to rethink physical security.

Jeremy explored why businesses aren’t making changes and what they can do touching on three key points:

  1. Don’t “wait and see” what happens
  2. Overconfidence is not a security strategy
  3. Consult the experts

Are you ready to step up security? Read more in Jeremy White’s article for SecurityInfoWatch: It’s time for organizations to re-think physical security.

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