Security Never Rests – Even on Holiday Weekends

Secure your business during the holidays when theft rates rise. Guard against theft and vandalism 24/7, even when you're on vacation.
Do Security Camera Systems Actually Prevent Crime

Summer may be winding down but business is still bustling as we head into Labor Day, fall, and the extended holiday season. And thieves aren’t slowing down either. As you prepare to kick back and relax over a long holiday weekend with friends and family, is your business capable of defending against theft and vandalism – whether you’re on-site or not?

Our recent LinkedIn flash poll found that 67% of respondents do not have security for holidays, such as the 4th of July and Labor Day, among others. 

This is a major problem. Thieves look for the easiest way to make money and if your inventory or equipment is up for grabs over a long weekend, they will find a way to take it. An empty car lot, construction site and beyond is a prime target for would-be thieves. While you’re away enjoying time off, thieves are working overtime.

There is a 15% increase in daily cargo thefts during the Labor Day weekend when compared with the rest of the year, according to the Sensitech Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC). This leaves logistics and freight companies most vulnerable. Labor Day presents an enticing opportunity for thieves, allowing them an extra day to vanish with stolen goods before people return to work after the long weekend. The National Equipment Register also reports a recent rise in theft incidents during the Labor Day holiday. Dealer yard, storage location, and job site burglaries continue to be an issue when it comes to heavy equipment theft.

Establishing solid security at your business is important year-round. However, it becomes especially crucial during the holidays when criminals know security may be lax, giving them extra time to take off with your property. 

Pro-Vigil Works Around the Clock, Including Holidays

If it’s not already there, move shoring up holiday security to the top of your checklist. Ensure your business stays safe and secure during Labor Day and beyond with Pro-Vigil’s Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) services. We combine the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with smart surveillance cameras and a team of virtual security professionals to monitor your site every second of the day – even during holidays. We can deploy audio and visual deterrents within 24 seconds of a detected intrusion, repelling 97% of intruders before they ever commit a crime. 

A proactive approach to security during the holidays ensures your business can focus on taking a well deserved break. Whether you are on a vacation or staycation, our virtual guards work around the clock so you don’t have to. Take comprehensive measures to protect what matters most. Contact us today.

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