Security Cameras Alone Don’t Cut It

Do you want to secure your dealership’s inventory and protect your property? Security cameras alone aren’t enough to ensure your dealership is not a prime target for thieves and vandals.

In reported organized theft incidents, dealerships typically lose four to five vehicles, but some losses are as many as 30 cars in one incident. The worst part of these statistics is that recovery of stolen vehicles averages only 55%.

Tens of thousands of dollars later, insurance companies are questioning the security measures in place. And while security cameras specifically are an effective tool, they alone don’t save dealerships from hardships like these.

Just Ask George

George Johnson, the owner of 10 metro dealerships in California, regretted not having a more comprehensive security solution in place after his stores were hit by an organized crime ring. Three of his stores (near to each other geographically) were included in a multi-dealership attack from these criminals.

His managers closed on a Tuesday at 7:00 PM and sent their staff home for the night. Before they left they secured the keys in their respective window mounted lock boxes. They locked all of the doors to the building and service center which included setting the alarm system.

They double checked security cameras to ensure they were working properly in the showroom. They turned on the extra lights outside which shine brightly on most of the lot. And upon driving out of the lot, the automatic gate lowered behind them. They did everything they had been trained to do in order to secure the dealership at closing.

On Wednesday morning the managers and their teams arrived at 9:00 AM to open the stores but were shocked to find several mid-sized sedans missing from the back corner of each lot. All it took was one bad night to force George to re-evaluate his security systems and make changes.

Auto Dealership Security

Prior to the Incident

Each of George’s dealerships had five security services in place to combat crime:

  1. Window mounted lock boxes for key storage.
  2. Door and window alarm system on the building and service center.
  3. Night-time lighting covering the majority of the lot.
  4. Perimeter fencing and gates at the entrance to the lots.
  5. Security cameras in the showroom and at each employee desk.

These are all relatively effective services but individually they are not enough to secure the dealership, especially after hours. And, collectively, they still weren’t able to protect George’s business from the thieves.

types of security

Post the Incident

George found ways to improve each of these security services in order to build a more robust security solution for his dealerships. With each of these security measures being stronger and more reliable, he reduced his insurance costs instead of having them be raised!

  1. George installed electronic kill switches on all vehicles stored outdoors.
  2. He deployed IP cameras which are equipped with audio and visual deterrents to scare off any intruder, be they thief, vandal, or loiterer. In fact, it’s been proven that trained personnel who trigger these deterrents are able to send 97% of intruders away without further complications, cost, or incidents.
  3. To cover the rest of the lot that was not well lit, George had additional lighting installed.
  4. Concrete barriers cannot be avoided by cutting through them like the previous barbed wire fencing.
  5. In beefing up his security cameras to IP cameras, George put a real-time remote video surveillance solution in place so he was doing more than just capturing footage. Using artificial intelligence and advanced video analytics software it is now possible to search video by keywords and more easily spot intruders in real-time.

Parking Lot Security Solutions

Hindsight is 20/20

Although quick stealing mid-sized sedans, the criminals of George’s auto dealerships could have been stopped with a more comprehensive security solution. For example, they could have been spotted by virtual guards included with a real-time video surveillance solution. Or, they could have been dissuaded with audio and visual deterrents included with IP security cameras.

Don’t wait to be a victim of a crime ring like George before you assess your security solution. The expert team at Pro-Vigil is available to help. Contact us now.

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