Securing a Growing Power Grid: Pro-Vigil Founder Explains in ForConstructionPros

Explore the challenges of securing the expanding power grid as utility projects grow. Learn how mobile surveillance can protect these sites.

Across numerous industries, the push for electrification is on. Gone are the days of using gas for fuel, and they are being replaced by the power of electricity. As this push for electrification takes place, one thing is clear – the power grid will have to grow as a result. And quite substantially.

Because of this, utility companies will need to ramp up construction on new projects to expand the grid. This means more electrical construction worksites will be open to the same physical security problems as their non-electrical kin, including:

  • They’re transient without permanent infrastructure
  • They always changing
  • They’re loaded with high-value items for thieves

And once projects are complete, some may sit unattended in remote areas for long periods of time. The answer? Mobile surveillance units. These portable units can be moved around or between locations and don’t need the same infrastructure to operate (e.g. internet connections and power lines). They are essentially self-contained “virtual guards” that keep watch over construction sites, only alerting to the most imminent threats.

Learn how the expanding of the power grid can be secured in Pro-Vigil Founder Jeremy White’s article for ForConstructionPros: The Security Challenges of Building Out the Power Grid.

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