Priorities for Running a Cannabis Dispensary

As a cannabis enthusiast, Brad thought getting a job in the industry would be a dream come true. He wasn’t wrong but not for the reasons he had envisioned.

From Budding Interest to Cannabis Leader

He started working part-time in a CBD and hemp goods store. It was an easy way to get connected in the industry which led to his next position as a cannabis trimmer. After mastering this role, he was offered a new opportunity as a marijuana budtender. As he continued to find new ways to explore the industry, he furthered his experience as a cannabis cultivator, extraction technician, and ultimately became a cannabis dispensary manager.

With each step in his career, Brad grew as a businessman. Brad learned how to run a successful cannabusiness by prioritizing 3 key items. These factors allowed him to open his own dispensary in time, and the best part – anyone can take advantage of them: 

Priority #1 – Hiring Great Employees

Brad became the employer of the next wave of industry specialists, including the hottest jobs in cannabis. He spent a good amount of time screening for work ethic, integrity, and the propensity to job hop. As he weeded out weak candidates, he found the best talent and paid them accordingly. It was worth the extra effort and time. Today his business has very low turnover as a result of his efforts.

Priority #2 – Documentation For Licensing

The first of many challenges to running his dispensary was obtaining his license. An abundance of documentation, organization, and proving viability tested his commitment. Brad developed an intimate knowledge of state regulations in order to provide the documentation required to get a cannabis license. Additionally, he followed state-by-state marijuana policies to be ready if regulations got tighter.

Priority #3 – Leveraging The Best Security Systems

Needed for long-term management of the business, security related obstacles were, and still are, a top priority for Brad. He poured his energy into comparing commercial security systems for how they could help him, protect the business, and provide the peace-of-mind he needed to focus on other areas of the business. A few criteria for his vendor evaluations included the need for advanced technology, smart device compatibility, and versatility.

Here Is What Brad Learned:

AI Technology Can Secure Cannabis Facilities

Emerging industries attract people of all kinds, criminals included. To stay ahead of the bad guys, AI technology analyzes enormous amounts of information, detects threat levels, and takes action on things that would normally require human intelligence. And it does it in record speed—imagine 18 seconds to detection on any one of Brad’s IP security cameras.

Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras

Tools to Manage Systems from Anywhere are Critical

Technology enables cannabusiness owners like Brad to stay connected to the business, even when they are off site or at another location. From the palm of his hand, Brad is able to change PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) settings of his security cameras, arm or disarm security settings, change the hours under video surveillance, and view his property live because of RTMP (real time messaging protocol) streaming. Oh what a difference an app can make!

Flexibility Matters Because Circumstances Change

Businesses must continuously mold to the environment and economy. The technology and equipment they use needs to be flexible too. For example, the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic created a whirlwind of business variables including mandated social distancing, mask wearing, and the need for controlled occupancy.

Luckily for Brad his IP security cameras now have a dual purpose to protect the company from crime as well as health compliance monitoring. Jeremy White, Founder of Pro-Vigil, notes that the advanced technology in IP security cameras can help mitigate these new health compliance challenges.

By hiring the right people, understanding state requirements, and leveraging the best security systems, Brad was able to build one of the most profitable cannabis dispensaries in the United States. Is your plan in line with Brad’s priorities? If so, you’ll need to assess your security systems carefully to find the best cannabusiness security solution out there. Start by looking at what Pro-Vigil can do for you today.

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