Physical Security Threats You Haven’t Thought Of

Just because you have a brand-new business security system doesn’t mean that you’ve checked off all the boxes when it comes to a security threat.
physical security threats in your business

It’s easy to put up a new security system and go on auto-pilot, but even the simplest missed details could put you in the middle of a security threat.

To minimize the security threat risk, consult your surveillance professional, who would shed light on potential vulnerabilities, even those you haven’t thought of.

The following are some of the most common.


Proper lighting is critical in security.

If there are areas in your business that have low visibility, a thief will take advantage of them. Even if security cameras are place everywhere in your building, you will have a difficult time of identifying activity if it’s too dark. It’s important to work with your security company to ensure that the lighting is adequate to capture enough detail even in the dark.

Picture Quality

Not all security systems are made equal.

In a perfect world, a new security system has state-of-the-art cameras that can pick up the tiniest of details. But this isn’t always the case.

The image resolution and frames-per-second matter. Be sure to choose a camera with a high number of megapixels and frames-per-second for the best picture quality. Generally speaking, digital cameras will provide a better quality picture than analog, CCTV cameras.

Equipment Health

Another threat to your security system that you may not think of, especially when the system is new, is the health of your equipment. Unfortunately, even new security monitoring equipment can have a glitch.

Whether it’s an issue with the data connection or some sort of malfunction, you don’t want your system to fail at the worst possible moment. Utilizing services such as IP camera health and equipment monitoring can protect you from this unexpected downfall.


Unfortunately, your own employees can leave your company vulnerable. Whether it is from theft or just failure to perform their job, your security is still potentially at risk internally.

In some cases, those who work for you may be tempted to steal money or goods from your store. If there aren’t preventative security measures in place, then they have a much better opportunity of pulling off their crime.

In other cases, you may rely on employees to help guard your valuable items. If they fail to carry out their job or get distracted, then there’s always the risk that an observant criminal could take advantage of this. Using smartphone-compatible security cameras allows you to observe your store and your team even when you are away.

The Pro-Vigil Advantage

While there is always a risk of crime, you can significantly reduce it by working with an expert security company like Pro-Vigil. Pro-Vigil offers the most intelligent live surveillance on the market today, preventing 97 percent of instances before they even happen. Our reliable equipment and virtual guards review over one million instances every day and have prevented more than 10K crimes – and counting.

We offer security for fixed and mobile sites including business offices, oilfields, auto dealerships, and cannabis dispensaries. To learn more about Pro-Vigil security systems or get a free quote, contact us online.

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