Physical Security Incidents Rose in 2022 – Is the Economy to Blame?

Despite easing COVID-19 restrictions, businesses continue to experience rising crime and new threats. What’s to blame for this increase? And are businesses taking the necessary steps to deter crime as we enter 2023?
physical security incidents in 2022

2022 Physical Security Landscape

While many businesses look past the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no denying that some issues, like the fragile supply chain, remain a persistent threat. Making matters worse, the widespread economic uncertainty that began to take root in 2022 is impacting businesses.

Each year, Pro-Vigil surveys organizations to find out exactly how crime is impacting them, what they think is driving these security incidents, and what they’re doing to secure their properties and assets.

This year, in the third edition of our “State of Physical Security” survey, Pro-Vigil polled 149 business leaders across a variety of industries to understand how their physical security challenges and strategies evolved in 2022, and how they think 2023 will shape up.

Security Survey Results

Here’s a recap of our top findings:

That’s just a snapshot of our research. To discover the top security incidents that businesses experienced most last year and more, read the full report, “The State of Physical Security Entering 2023” by clicking below.

Curious how Pro-Vigil can help secure your business? Contact us today to learn how remote video monitoring can stop thieves and vandals in their tracks.

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