Luck May Not Always Be On Your Side, But Pro-Vigil Is

March is all about luck. From the shamrocks and pots-of-gold that come with Saint Patrick’s Day, to hoping your NCAA Tournament bracket doesn’t get busted on day one, we’re all hoping luck’s on our side this month.
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However, when it comes to a physical security strategy, luck doesn’t cut it. Unfortunately, some business leaders don’t realize how important security is until an incident occurs. We call this the “wait and see approach”.

Some businesses would rather not invest in security tools in order to save some cash up-front. The problem? It’s like leaving the front door of your house unlocked and hoping no one walks in.

You’re better off locking the door. And in the case of business security, you need to be prepared before – not after – trouble strikes. 

Don’t Rely on Luck 

Forgoing physical security altogether is an invitation for thieves – and they will take notice. Thieves often scout locations before they strike and they’ll be more likely to take action if basic security measures like video cameras, proper fencing and locks aren’t in place. 

Additionally, some businesses may wonder if a single security incident will really be that impactful. The short answer is yes: a single incident could make or break a business.

Thieves could steal something as simple as a power drill, or as costly as a brand-new car. Worse yet, they could cause vandalism or damage to the business that could result in downtime while repairs are made, or you could be forced to close temporarily.

Theft has a direct impact on your business’s bottom line, as we saw in our 2023 State of Physical Security report.

Take Action with RVM 

While luck is something we all hope is on our side, Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) is a security tool with real results you can count on.

Pro-Vigil uses RVM to keep businesses secure around the clock, whether you’re on site or at home sleeping. Pro-Vigil’s surveillance cameras leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to spot danger as it happens.

Our team of virtual guards can jump in within 24 seconds and launch deterrence features like strobe lights, loud announcements and sirens to scare thieves off. In the most serious cases, emergency services can also be contacted.

Pro-Vigil handles all of this while you focus on what matters most – running your business. 

This month, don’t assume you’ll get lucky when it comes to physical security. All it takes is one incident to make a major impact on your business and for thieves to walk off with your pot of gold.

Partner with Pro-Vigil so our security experts can help create a plan to detect and deter thieves before thieves ever have a chance to strike. Contact us today to learn more.

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