Understanding License Plate Recognition Tech: Pros, Cons, and Why Pro-Vigil Thinks You Don’t Need It

Discover the limitations of License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras for crime deterrence and how Pro-Vigil offers a comprehensive, high-definition alternative, ensuring more than just license plate capture. Make informed decisions for your security needs.
Limits of License Plate Recognition LPR Camera

Think of this. It’s a late night, and a couple of crooks pull into the parking lot of a warehouse. The owners, having just installed License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, felt confident they had a foolproof solution to catch these criminals. But guess what? The crooks covered their plates. The camera, doing its best to read the plates, isn’t tuned to pick up the finer details from the scene. The police couldn’t get any useful info from the footage. What seemed like a great idea ended up to be a big disappointment. So, are LPR cameras really the best option to deter crime and vandalism? Let’s dive into what LPR is, its limits, and why Pro-Vigil has a better solution to stop crime.

It’s pretty easy for crooks to fool license plate recognition (LPR) cameras. Find out more about the limitations of LPR cameras in this Pro-Vigil PDF.

So, what’s LPR?

In a nutshell, LPR cameras record license plates. That’s their only job. But because they focus on plates, they miss other things going on nearby. But recording plates isn’t enough: organizations must also pay for expensive software that can read and interpret the plates if they want to automate security responses. 

LPR tech is used to monitor vehicles on highways, toll roads, and borders. It helps with tasks like mailing toll tickets or finding stolen cars. As these systems have become cheaper, more businesses and places are thinking about adding LPR cameras to their security. But there are  issues if the goal is to stop crime.

License Plate Recognition Cameras (LPR) on highway.
These LPR cameras tend to perform best perched high above on the highway.

LPR Cameras: Not Without Their Problems

One big issue with LPR cameras is where to put them. They need to be placed at a specific angle (not to exceed 30 degrees) to read plates properly, and this can be tricky in tight spaces. Often, the cameras end up low to the ground where they’re easy for troublemakers to mess with.

Also, LPR cameras only focus on license plates, which means they don’t do overall surveillance. For every LPR camera you install, you’ll also need another overview camera if you truly want to secure your business. That’s twice the expense.

And then there’s the fact that LPR cameras might not always capture a vehicle’s license plate. If something’s blocking the view – or if the bad guys hide their plates – an LPR camera can’t do its job. Find out more about the limitations of a LPR camera in this Pro-Vigil document!

Pro-Vigil’s Take on LPR Cameras

With all these drawbacks and the high costs, Pro-Vigil has a better solution. We offer high-quality, continuous video footage that records more than just a license plate number. Our high-definition cameras can capture detailed images of the entire vehicle, so law enforcement knows the make, model and color to go after. Not to mention we’re capturing 1080p footage of the thieves, which can help authorities estimate height, weight, and body type.

Using artificial intelligence, our surveillance system checks out any movement on your property and quickly lets our team know if something’s up. In a flash, we can decide if we need to step in to activate audio and visual deterrents that prevent crime 97% of the time before it even happens.
And if the bad guys keep going, we can get the authorities on the scene fast. Plus, with our continuous recording feature, you’ll have high-definition footage recorded at 15 frames-per-second to give to the police. Why install single use cameras when there is a better way to stop crime? If you’re ready to talk more, our Pro-Vigil security experts are ready to chat today!

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