Keeping Self Storage Rentals Safe with Pro-Vigil

University District Self Storage is an independent U-Haul neighborhood dealer serving the Spokane, Washington, community. In addition to renting self storage units, the company provides U-Haul rental services, including trucks and trailers.
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University District Self Storage was struggling to secure its perimeters from vandals and squatters. The outside of the company’s office building was spray painted, resulting in $30,000 worth of damage. And squatters were constantly breaking into the company’s fleet of rental trucks and trailers – using the vehicles as makeshift bedrooms and bathrooms. University District Self Storage was not only frequently allocating budget to clean its fleet, but employees were also spending valuable time on cleanup duties rather than on customer service.

“We had no cameras or security guards, which meant we had no way to find out who the vandals and squatters were and no way to keep them from coming back,”

said Hans Svendson, owner of University District Self Storage. “It was a nightmare.”


After becoming increasingly frustrated at having to constantly spend time, resources and budget on cleanup efforts, Svendson decided to invest in video surveillance – but he wanted more than a record-and store system. Svendson wanted a solution that would ward off criminals before they ever stepped foot on his property.

A colleague recommended Pro-Vigil’s live remote video monitoring services, and, after witnessing its capabilities, he knew he had found the right solution for his business.

“We were instantly sold on Pro-Vigil,” Svendson said. “Not only are the surveillance cameras monitored by live humans, but they have deterrence capabilities that prevent trespassers from committing crimes.”

Pro-Vigil’s service detects people who shouldn’t be on company property, and, when a trespasser is identified, sounds a siren and flashes lights to quickly scare them off. In addition, Svendson – who lives hundreds of miles away from his business – is able to manage security remotely by using Pro-Vigil’s mobile app to access a live feed of his cameras anytime, anywhere.


Since installing Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring services, University District Self Storage has not been the victim of a single vandalism attack or break-in.

“The second Pro-Vigil’s siren goes off telling would-be criminals to vacate the property, they’re gone,” said Svendson. “It’s better than having a guard walk the property.”

In addition to eliminating crime incidents and saving money on costly cleanups, Svendson has experienced other benefits too. “After my insurance broker saw ProVigil’s system in action, we were able to negotiate lower premiums,” notes Svendson. “Additionally, because of the reduced crime rate, I’ve also been able to build trust with students at Gonzaga University, which is located just down the street. Pro-Vigil’s live monitoring services help students feel safe, and it reassures their parents as well.”

For Svendson, deterrence is the name of the game – and Pro-Vigil helps him win the security battle, every time.

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