It Takes More than People to Stay Compliant

Where there is industry growth, there are jobs. And where there are well paying jobs, there are people seeking jobs. But are they people you want around your valuable crop?

The cannabusiness industry has boomed over the past few years thus having created a new job market for many. According to Forbes, cannabis is projected to reach a 110% job creation rate this year. Further, cannabis jobs pay up to 11% more than the U.S. median salary according to CNBC. 

You could say that as long as you hire well, the work will get done sufficiently. However, maintaining compliance with government regulations is a critical part of each cannbusiness employee’s role because the government doesn’t permit mistakes.

How Do Your People Meet Compliance Requirements?

Our answer is that they don’t do it alone. Equipping your cannabusiness with appropriate security systems will enable people to do right by the business. This includes comprehensive video monitoring services. More than a nicety for your people, ­it is a way to stay compliant with the government.

Video Monitoring Services Helps Your People with 4 Common State Compliance Regulations

#1 Preventing Unauthorized Entrance

In order to keep your people focused on the business instead of potential intruders, cannabusinesses must have ways to deter and prevent unauthorized entrance. Deploy a comprehensive video surveillance monitoring solution that includes both audible and visual deterrents to scare off intruders.

#2 Mandatory Video Surveillance Systems

Video monitoring services are required for licensed cannabis facilities. In fact, most states have both quality requirements (1280 x 720 pixels) and placement requirements (anywhere the cannabis is handled) for security cameras. The best video surveillance companies embed advanced monitoring technology in high quality cameras which helps to keep your people focused on productivity.

#3 Documentation System and Operational Procedures

Documentation of security operations is required for licensing in the cannabis industry. It’s critical to have your operational protocols and video surveillance systems well documented and easily accessible so there is no risk of licensing denial. Taking that a step further, the best video surveillance systems include smart search capabilities for any time that you do need to review footage. It’s just another way to keep your people focused and compliant.  

#4 Security Protocol for Storefront Businesses

State regulations typically require security personnel onsite during the hours of operation. To exceed expectations a 24/7 live guard can be expensive. Consider the benefit of a remote video monitoring being tied to your after hours video surveillance monitoring. It’s especially beneficial for cannabusinesses to quickly determine if an after-hours threat should be escalated without employing more people.

cannabis compliance

Whether you run a cannabis dispensary, marijuana distributor, or sell either recreational or medical cannabis, your cannabusiness is just as viable as any other U.S. business. But, we know that running your business comes with some additional challenges thanks to government regulations. Having the right security systems and video surveillance monitoring in place will guide your people to stay in compliance with state requirements.

For more advice on protecting your cannabusiness, check out these 10 Tips to Protect Your Dispensary. Or, contact the cannabis security experts at Pro-Vigil who can advise your business on a security solution that fits your needs.

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