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Which camera should you use to protect your business? Each option serves as an “eye” into your business, but you will need more to keep watch of your property – and keep crime out.
Security Camera Tech

At its core, Pro-Vigil’s mission is simple – help our customers protect their businesses by providing fast, smart and reliable crime deterrence and protection. And that starts with our security camera tech. Each device serves as an “eye” into your business through which the Pro-Vigil team can keep watch – and keep crime out.

With cameras being such a pivotal piece of the surveillance puzzle, our team takes special care to understand the changing landscape of the technology associated with the camera equipment we source and recommend to our customers. To do so, we put a tremendous amount of time, research and thought into which devices we install.

We focus on our component suppliers, to make sure that our cameras meet our high service standards. Understanding the technology “under the covers” is the best way to see how comprehensive Pro-Vigil’s surveillance strategy truly is, and the care we put into the equipment that will keep watch over your business.

Ingredients for Choosing the Right Security Camera Tech

Security Camera Tech

To ensure we provide the best technology to our customers, we get “deep in the weeds” with each and every camera on the market. You can’t know which product is best if you don’t test them in real-world environments. And, our approval process is rigorous.

Through our own homegrown monitoring platform, we decide if a camera meets certain specifications and standards and, beyond that, put them through the wringer before approving them for use on a customer site. Below are a some of the key considerations in our technology qualification process:

Manufacturer –

Obviously, reliability and quality manufacturing are critical criteria in our manufacturer selection process. If a camera goes down or suffers technical glitches, it impairs our ability to fulfill our mission to protect our customers.

There currently are only two manufacturers that meet our standards – however, if a customer has specific, unusual needs that only another brand can meet, we can operate and manage that equipment as well.

Type of camera

In addition to choosing quality manufacturers, we also typically stick with a specific camera design. At Pro-Vigil, we have found that bullet cameras work best for the businesses we serve.

Named for their cylindrical shape, bullet cameras are great for operating outdoors, which is the most common environment we monitor for our customers. And bullet cameras help us to tackle issues like glare and changing weather conditions, while offering outstanding reliability and versatility.

Picture Quality –

A camera is only as good as its picture quality, which is why we use high definition (HD) cameras with the ability to capture video at 1080P.

Our cameras can also operate in standard definition (SD), if it is advantageous to cut down on the amount of video data generated (HD generates far more data than SD).

We will continue adapting as technology evolves and image resolution improves in the future.

Minimizing Security Risks with the Right Security Tech

Inside the tech

You might think that offering the best equipment is as easy as choosing the most expensive, highest definition cameras on the market. But there are so many other factors that come into play – the tech specs are just one part of that. In an age where everything is hooked up to the internet, we take potential security risks seriously.

Each camera is inspected to make sure there are no back doors through which threat actors would be able to “break-into” the device and either spy on the business, sabotage the system, or even penetrate their company’s network and IT systems.

We also consider it a moral obligation to understand where our security cameras are being made. Due to security concerns, some cameras made by a handful of manufacturers have actually been banned by the U.S. government. Instead of choosing those brands, we work with companies that allow full ownership of the devices, as well as the video footage they record. This ensures that the video, as well as the data collected is yours to own and manage.

Health Monitoring Technology

Having quality cameras is great, but being able to make sure they are always working is important too. Because of Pro-Vigil’s unique subscription model, we take responsibility to ensure our cameras are always functioning properly.

Pro-Vigil pays for the security cameras and installation upfront – removing that burden from the customer − and we make sure they are working 24x7x365. And, for customers that have already invested in cameras, we can work with existing infrastructure to make sure it is delivering Pro-Vigil-class reliability. 

Either way, we monitor every component and proactively fix any technology issues that may occur, so we can deliver the quality of service our customers expect.  We can also feed updates to the tech on site or assess what may need to be repaired without physically traveling to the location, saving both money and time for all parties involved.

We are constantly updating the technology we use in our smart surveillance solutions. To learn how our remote monitoring services can help deter crime and keep your business safe, contact us today.

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