How Pro-Vigil Boosted Security for the American Red Cross

Learn more about how this iconic organization uses Pro-Vigil not only to secure their facilities, but also for situational awareness.
American Red Cross Case Study for Pro-Vigil Remote Video Monitoring

Running a big outfit like the American Red Cross Eastern New York Region isn’t easy. They’re helping over 3.6 million folks across more than 27 counties. With such a wide reach, it’s crucial to keep their facilities safe. A recent case study shows how Pro-Vigil stepped up to the plate to amp up security for the Red Cross.

The Red Cross had a problem. Thieves were swiping catalytic converters from their mobile blood units and they needed a fix, and fast. That’s where Pro-Vigil came in. The Pro-Vigil crew set up remote video monitoring that put a quick stop to the thefts.

But it didn’t stop there. Pro-Vigil helped with more than just keeping the bad guys out. Ed Cubanski, the COO at the Red Cross Eastern New York Region, used Pro-Vigil to keep a watch on snow accumulation during the winter. With Pro-Vigil’s cameras, he could make sure the snowplow vendors were clearing the path to allow his mobile blood units to easily hit the road to do lifesaving work.

Pro-Vigil even helped prevent a possible accident. During an ice storm, two folks tried to climb one of the facilities. Pro-Vigil’s team spotted them and called the cops. They might have saved those people from a nasty fall.

The partnership between Pro-Vigil and the American Red Cross shows how good security can make a big difference for an organization. Want to learn more? Download the full case study here.

Thanks to Pro-Vigil, the American Red Cross can do its job even better. With their facilities secure and their operations running smooth, they can focus on what they do best: helping people and saving lives.

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