How Do IP Cameras Work?

IP cameras offer many benefits over analog cameras for business security. IP cameras can transmit video and data remotely over long distances via the cloud.
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Most business owners recognize the importance of staying modern. From the latest software to better workflows, you know you must evolve and improve to stay on top. This same attitude should apply to how you handle business security.

Most businesses incorporate video surveillance into their security plan. If you’re using an analog security camera, you may not be using the most effective methods to protect your business. So what is the alternative? IP cameras. Here’s how they can help.

What Does IP Camera Mean?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. This type of camera transmits digital video and audio over a network. In traditional CCTV cameras, the video and audio record on a device like a DVR. IP cameras, however, connect to the internet. You or your security team can access them remotely with a web browser and special software.

How Do IP Cameras Work?

  • These video surveillance cameras have a lens and image sensor that captures motion and sound.

  • The audio and video data are processed and stored in the camera’s memory card.

  • The camera connects to the internet, either wirelessly or via an ethernet.

  • Camera software encodes and compresses the data for faster and more secure transmission.

  • Camera data travels through the wired or Wi-Fi wireless connection into the cloud.

  • The video and audio data are stored securely in a remote file server where the encrypted data is decoded.

  • A remote guard or member of your team can view the video and audio by accessing a secure online portal from any digital device.

IP cameras provide IP enabled video surveillance services that give businesses the edge they need when fighting crime. But how much more of an edge do they really give? Are they THAT much more effective?

How Can IP Cameras Improve My Business Security?

Types of Security Systems for Business

IP cameras offer many benefits over analog cameras for business security. IP cameras can transmit video and data remotely over long distances via the cloud. 

Here are five ways IP cameras can improve your business security:

  • Remote monitoring: One of the main benefits of IP cameras is the ability to view video remotely. IP cameras let you monitor your business from anywhere there’s an internet connection. You can use a smartphone app or a web browser on any digital device.

  • Real-time monitoring: IP cameras offer continuous audio and video feed. You can stay up to date on what is happening in your business 24/7/365. Video surveillance software can email or text your digital device to alert you to a problem. Then you can pull up the camera feed through an online portal. These features are beneficial for high-traffic areas or in situations where there are security threats.

  • Wider surveillance coverage: IP cameras connect wirelessly to the internet. They can be battery or solar powered. IP cameras can go outside or inside. Outdoor IP cameras can be weather hardened to withstand cold, wind, sun, and rain. These versatile wireless cameras can go just about anywhere. This makes IP cameras hugely beneficial over traditional wired cameras. For these reasons, IP cameras can give you a more comprehensive view of your business.

  • Faster and proactive incident response: If a security event happens at your business, IP cameras provide real-time information that allows you to act. A live video feed allows security forces to capture criminals before they leave the business instead of waiting until after they leave.

  • Enhanced security features: Many new IP cameras offer advanced features. These features include:
    a. Motion detection
    b. Facial recognition
    c. Two-way audio
    d. Visual and audio deterrents
    e. Night vision
    f. And more

Today’s IP cameras incorporate the latest artificial intelligence software to analyze and make decisions based on camera data. These smart cameras review past activities to make better decisions based on threat levels. AI-powered IP cameras can even act in ways that use human levels of intelligence.

Also, IP cameras are powerful tools that work well with human intervention. For example, IP cameras can transmit data to a remote security center. There, virtual guards can watch your property through the lens of each IP camera at your business. Virtual security guards are always watching, but they are much less expensive than an onsite live human presence. But what really makes the virtual security guard service work is the equipment itself.  

IP cameras help improve business security by providing a continuous feed of information. These modern security tools change the game for even the smallest businesses.

Is Your Business Ready for IP-Enabled Video Surveillance?

Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras

Pro-Vigil is a leader in modern video security solutions. We offer state-of-the-art IP camera solutions suitable for any size budget. We offer our clients advanced protection to keep up with the latest criminal tactics. Our process includes a detailed site assessment and a plan to improve your security infrastructure. If you’re worried about the physical security of your commercial property, call on us. Pro-Vigil can help.


What is an IP Camera?

An IP camera uses internet protocol to connect to the internet and transmit video and audio feed. That data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. You can access the video and audio feeds from a browser on any digital device.

How do IP Cameras Work for Video Surveillance?

IP cameras capture video and audio data. Instead of storing that data on a hard-wired DVR, they send the information into the cloud. Cloud video storage allows for a continuous real-time feed of video surveillance information. Traditional analog cameras capture information for review after an event happens. IP cameras allow an immediate, real-time response to security events as they happen.

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