Optimizing Your Security for the Time Change

Optimize your security for the clock change! Understand how early darkness impacts security: check on these items now for a safer winter.

It’s time to set our clocks back this Sunday, November 5, 2023. We know what this means in terms of sleep and when the sun goes up and down, but it also impacts physical security. A change in the time has ramifications for security that are easy to forget. 

At the most basic level, the old “Fall back” saying means that it gets dark and light an hour earlier. Since criminals prefer to operate in the dark, organizations should take this into consideration. They should also know that when the clocks turn back, their security surveillance equipment will fall out of sync if it also is not turned back. Specifically, they should:

  • Optimize video surveillance hours – Since you want your systems to be tuned to high-crime times, changing surveillance times to current dark hours is a good idea. This can be done manually, if you run your own equipment, or by contacting your video surveillance partner. 
  • Keep video systems in sync – If video systems are out of sync with the actual time, they can create improperly time-stamped video that can be thrown out of court as evidence. Keeping video surveillance systems set to the proper time can prevent this from happening.
  • Adjust lighting times – Most security lighting automatically turns on and off at predetermined times. Similar to surveillance video, lights should be timed appropriately, so they are on when it is dark and off at other times. This is also the perfect time to do a complete checkup of all your on-site illumination—we’ve got you covered with our Illumination Checklist.
  • Perimeter security checkup – In addition to making security adjustments driven by the time change, now is a good time to check your entire security perimeter. Make sure security fences and gates are maintained properly. Also, it’s a good time to make sure all your locks, both inside and around your business, are in good working order. And, make sure that your security policies are up to date, so if something happens you have it to point to as standard-operating-procedure.

The truth is, the times of sunup and sundown constantly change, but there are only two time changes throughout the year. Failing to take appropriate steps during these two times can increase crime risk for organizations. Taking the right steps now can ensure that the winter is problem-free!

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