Do You Actively Watch Your Video Security System? Here’s Why You Should

In a recent flash poll, only 41% of businesses sporadically check security video. Continuous monitoring is crucial for safety. Ensure 24/7 surveillance with Pro-Vigil.
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Many businesses today are using video surveillance in their security strategy. The benefits it provides like threat detection, evidence collection, and operational oversight are indispensable to a successful and secure operation. But to reap these benefits, someone has to continuously be watching the video feeds. Otherwise, it’s too little too late when there is suspicious activity or a security breach. Which brought us to ask this question in our latest LinkedIn flash poll:  Do you actively watch the live feed of your video security system?

The results show 41% of businesses are only checking their video security system occasionally.

If your site experiences a security incident but you only check surveillance sporadically, thieves are allowed too much time to make off with your property. By the time you realize something is missing, it’s too late. And with our State of Physical Security Entering 2023 report showing that 28% of businesses reported an increase in physical security incidents in 2022, now is not the time to be lax on security.

Monitoring 24/7×365 Isn’t an Option – It’s a Must Have

That is why Pro-Vigil’s team of video surveillance experts recommends having someone continuously monitoring your video security feeds. At the very least, the live feed of surveillance systems should be monitored after hours or on weekends when no one should be on the property. 

Constantly monitoring surveillance is a significant challenge, particularly for businesses that lack a dedicated employee to supervise their security procedures. Our flash poll in May of 2023 showed that of the businesses surveyed, no one reported having a dedicated person or department in charge of physical security. The importance of physical security can’t be overlooked. This underscores the need for your business to have an individual or department committed to supervising physical security.

Thankfully, technology like remote video monitoring (RVM) exists today. Pro-Vigil’s RVM solution pairs high-tech cameras and advanced software with live video monitoring done by a team of virtual guards to identify and deter crime. Bad actors are spotted, audiovisual deterrents are deployed, and crime is prevented. Our fixed and mobile cameras are “smarter” thanks to AI, maintain power, utilize cloud and cellular technology. And our system sends notifications in real time when something awry is detected.

The live feeds of your video security system should be watched at all times. Continuous surveillance monitoring is vital for safeguarding a company’s assets, people, and reputation. Contact us today to learn how we can fortify security at your business.

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