Criminals Know the Value of Your Worksites

Outdoor and indoor construction sites have valuable items that are often unsecured - and criminals know this. While the need for security cannot be denied, protecting a work site from criminal activity can be difficult.

This difficulty is all the more pronounced if the site does not have access to electricity, wi-fi, or any stable structures. Since some assets like tools and wiring are typically left in the open (especially when outdoors) theft or vandalism can easily occur both at night and during the day when the site isn’t actively being monitored. 

Without proper construction site surveillance, losses can cost the project a considerable amount of money. 

Why You Need Advanced Construction Site Surveillance

Even with your workers keeping an eye out and having a well-lit area, savvy criminals can still slip through – especially once the crew is gone for the night. 

difficulties of construction sites

Hiring a security guard to patrol your site can get expensive, particularly because manual construction site surveillance is most easily achieved with a whole team of guards. Even with multiple guards, live guards cannot be watching all areas, at all times.

Combining Construction Site Security Protocols 

Security cameras, combined with the use of virtual guards, can keep your construction site safe even when you aren’t physically there. Virtual guards offer site security and monitoring 24/7 or whichever hours your choose. Unlike a live guard, they keep an eye on your property from a remote location. 

When paired with high-quality construction site cameras, virtual guards can monitor all aspects of your construction site for total property surveillance. And, if an event occurs, your virtual guards take action immediately. Remote video monitoring works to deter intruders and to catch them if necessary! 

In many cases, simply using audio and visual deterrents is enough to scare away a would-be criminal from your site. Pro-Vigil’s advanced surveillance technology will detect, deter, and dispatch in unmatched speed. 

Within 18 seconds our virtual construction site monitoring identifies a threat on your properties and alarms audible and visual deterrents. Within 30 seconds our virtual guards verify the threat and escalate to the proper authorities accordingly. In the instances where there is an imminent threat on your property, 911 law enforcement is dispatched, and you will be notified within 2 minutes. 

Protecting Your Site Protects Your Budget

Even if your site is in its earliest construction phases, the budget is always a a top priority. Our construction site surveillance will protect your project from being part of the $1 billion in annual losses that construction sites face each year. This holds true for areas with not access to electricity, Wi Fi, or stable structures. 

The dollars needed to protect your construction site aren’t nearly as much as the potential cost to replace your tools and equipment in the event of theft.

Concerned about cost?

Basic Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security Checklist

In addition to using managed video surveillance from Pro-Vigil, there are measures that you can take to improve your construction site security. This includes: 

  • Creating a security policy for the site that workers must read and follow;  
  • Training workers to properly lock up or secure equipment once the day’s work is done; 
  • Keeping an eye out for people on the job site who shouldn’t be there;
  • Reporting any suspicious activity or potential breaches immediately. 

You can also install lighting to ensure that your construction site is well lit at night. This could help to deter crime and improve construction site security. Take a look at our construction site checklist for even more ideas on keeping your construction site safe. 

See how simple it can be to secure your business. Talk to us.

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