As the Economic Landscape Sinks Crime at Dealerships Will Increase

It is sad but true that the American economy has taken a downward turn this year. Historically, times of financial difficulty are met with heightened criminal activity. Dealerships are not immune to this costly problem.

Dealership thieves don’t steal matchbox cars or toy boats that cost $2. In fact, they average $8,407 per theft. Now if you consider that the average dealership suffers from an act of theft or vandalism every 37 days, that is an average potential risk of more than $80K a year for dealerships of all kinds.

These are just the dollars associated with the lost merchandise. What about the cost of onsite damage, insurance claims, and time put into dealing with the break in? With potential losses like this, you simply cannot afford to have gaps in your security and surveillance systems.

Most dealerships have invested in multiple forms of security protocols that include things like live security guards and alarm systems. These are essential services for confronting intruders. However, they are not covering the entire lot, they are not seeing the areas that are not as well lit, and they are not necessarily deterring crime before it happens. 

You may need help to evaluate where you have holes, and thereby increased risk of theft and vandalism. Lean on security experts to help you audit what is working and not working based on your needs. They can then make an educated recommendation for updating your current security systems or services. A solution to deter the intended criminals which can complement or replace your existing security measures can be found with the managed surveillance solutions and remote video monitoring of Pro-Vigil. 

Give us fifteen minutes and we’ll share our deep knowledge and ways to avoid criminal activity on your properties. 

Unable to attend at this time? No problem. If you miss the webinar as scheduled, we can send you a link to watch it in your own time. Just let us know where to provide the info!

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