Pro-Vigil Mobile Secures Peace-of-Mind During Coronavirus “Disruption”

Countless businesses are shifting to remote operations for everyone's protection. These understaffed facilities are left vulnerable to increased crime.
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To our customers and other companies affected by COVID-19,

With many states and regions closing non-essential businesses and implementing “shelter-in-place” ordinances, and with more to follow, tens of thousands of business owners are shifting to work-from-home operations for the protection of their employees, and their communities. For businesses with valuable physical assets to secure, this can raise daunting issues, particularly with the known increases in crime, theft, and vandalism during times of economic downturn.  This “perfect storm” – an increase in unstaffed locations combined with motivated crime – has left all businesses increasingly vulnerable. After all, if nobody is on site, what’s to prevent criminals from taking advantage of abandoned facilities and work sites?

Pro-Vigil’s security and surveillance systems are built specifically for this type of situation. Requiring no power or Wi-Fi connectivity, our mobile self-contained systems can be dropped in place in a matter of hours, to provide 24×7 video surveillance and active deterrence for any kind of permanent or temporary work environment – even those with passive surveillance systems already in place. These passive systems will provide limited protection during times of widespread business shutdowns, where it may be days before anyone realizes an event has occurred, and where many police departments are forced to limit their own exposure to the virus by relaxing enforcement on all but the most serious crimes. Also, Pro-Vigil’s active monitoring enables business owners to use the system for purposes beyond security, such as remote inspections and staff management.

Pro-Vigil’s mobile surveillance solutions have been protecting our customers’ business locations and job sites for more than 15 years and are proving themselves, once again, to be an indispensable active remote video monitoring solution during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, by implementing active remote video monitoring, customers don’t have to worry about potentially more stringent social-distancing restrictions as the weeks progress, because their businesses are monitored 24×7 by professionals in a remote location, which will not be subject to any such restrictions.

From auto dealerships, retailers, manufacturing, utilities, and construction sites and other commercial operations, Pro-Vigil can provide rapid deployment services to companies so “forced vacation” does not mean “forced risk.”

Peter Evans
Pro-Vigil | CEO

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