Cool Off Crime This Summer

Discover why crime rates rise in summer and how Pro-Vigil's AI-enabled surveillance solutions can keep your property secure. Learn more now.

With temperatures climbing and the sun rising earlier and setting later each day, that can only mean one thing – summer is upon us! It’s the season of beach days and backyard barbeques. And while it’s important that you take time to relax yourself, it’s certainly not time to let your guard down when it comes to physical security.

There are studies that show crime increasing during the summer months. According to a Governing report which reviewed crime data from hundreds of law enforcement agencies, criminal offenses can increase as much as 36% in parts of the country during the summer months, with the average increase around 10%. While data varies from state to state, there appears to be a consensus that rising temperatures and crime are linked. Why does this happen? And how can you keep your property and assets safe in the coming months?

Let’s explore three potential reasons behind surging summer crime that could impact your business:

School’s Out

The start of school vacation is a sure sign that summer is here. Some believe this also signals an increase in crime. The thinking is that kids are out of school with a lot of time on their hands, and as a result, they may be inclined to commit crimes like theft or vandalism.

While it’s hard to know for sure, Pro-Vigil ran a recent LinkedIn poll asking: Do you expect crime to increase when the kids are out of school for the summer?

The vast majority (71%) think crime will increase over summer vacation. While 22% believe crime will stay the same and just 6% think crime will decrease.

Warmer Weather

Another reason thought to drive summer spikes in crime is the heat itself. A University of Southern California study examined crime data from Los Angeles and found that overall crime increases by 2.2% and violent crime by 5.7% on days when maximum daily temperatures exceed 85 degrees. It stands to reason that there would be more crime in the hot months than there is in the cold-weather months, where people tend to stay indoors more. It’s also thought that scorching temperatures could cause people to be more irritable, and for those with criminal intentions, it could just lead them to act on their plans to target businesses and work sites.

More Sunlight = More Opportunity

Criminals love to work under the cover of darkness. You’d think that earlier sunrises and later summer sunsets would be a good thing when it comes to fighting crime, but you’d be wrong. For one, summer nights tend to be warmer, so criminals don’t have to contend with the cold temperatures they may face in the middle of winter. More sunlight also gives criminals more daylight hours to scout out target locations, especially after hours when they can conduct some reconnaissance. Don’t be fooled, while criminals love darkness, longer days give them more time to cause trouble.

Summer Security Tune Up

While the data behind property crime rising during summer months varies, the importance of physical security does not. Keeping properties and assets secure should be a year-round priority whether you’re putting in long hours on-site or enjoying a couple of days off for some summer fun. Start by conducting a security tune up in these three areas:

  • Camera Check Ups – Surveillance cameras are a great tool, but only if they are working properly. Make sure all cameras are operational and pointing in the right areas. This helps avoid any blind spots the camera can’t “see”.
  • Check Your Perimeter – Is there a clearly defined perimeter around your property like a fence? If so, make sure there aren’t any holes, unlocked gates, or other weak spots that can be leveraged for entry onto your site.
  • Ensure Proper Lighting – As mentioned above, thieves hate light. Make sure all areas of your site are properly lighted at the right times not only to deter criminals, but also make sure your surveillance cameras can capture the highest quality video.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Because of today’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled remote video monitoring solutions, you can ensure around-the-clock crime deterrence no matter where you are. Pro-Vigil’s fixed and mobile surveillance solutions combine high-definition cameras with AI that is trained to detect unusual behavior like a car driving onto your lot after hours or someone jumping a fence. Pro-Vigil’s proprietary AI recognizes suspicious behavior and notifies a remote guard to take a closer look so they can decide to launch deterrence features (think flashing lights and loud announcements sending criminals running) or contact authorities if necessary.

Summer is a time to kick back and relax but you can’t afford to let security take a vacation. Let Pro-Vigil keep watch while you enjoy some fun in the sun. Contact us today to learn more.

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