Why Jobsite Security Depends on Construction Site Cameras

Modern features put you in the driver’s seat with intelligent computer software, solar-powered cameras for remote sites, and real-time surveillance through a wireless signal so criminals can be deterred before they ever commit a crime.
Construction Site Cameras

Let’s not mince words: Construction theft is a major problem for owners and project managers.

  • It costs $300 million – $1 billion annually
  • Fewer than 25% of stolen items are ever recovered
  • Construction theft has increased by an average of 10% annually for over a decade.

One of the best ways to fight back against criminals is construction site security cameras. These useful tools monitor a site around the clock without a need for human guards. But how does recording a theft and then viewing it later really help if you don’t recover the stolen equipment?

Modern security cameras are much more sophisticated than the old analog recording units still found on construction sites all over the country. Modern features put you in the driver’s seat with intelligent computer software, solar-powered cameras for remote sites, and real-time surveillance through a wireless signal so criminals can be deterred before they ever commit a crime.

Which Construction Site Cameras Work Best for Jobsites?

Construction Security Camera

Modern cameras are smarter, thanks to artificially intelligent (AI) software that detects threats and alerts you on set parameters. Today’s security cameras are connected to the Internet – giving you access to video feeds 24/7.

And for properties without access to electricity, there are solar panel camera options with wireless Internet signals. This technology keeps properties secure in any location. 

If you’re looking for cameras built with construction sites in mind, make sure you consider equipment with these features: 

  • Rugged durability and weatherproofing are important for any construction site camera. (An IP rating of at least IP66 is standard for both dust-tight and waterproof cameras.) 
  • Infrared (IR) security cameras can capture low- and no-light activities on your job site. While we recommend that your site has strong lighting at night, an IR or night vision security camera can provide an extra layer of deterrence to criminals.
  • Motion detection features with smart technologies can tell the difference between movement from a blowing trash bag or movement from a busy thief or vandal.  
  • Alarm sensor integration allows your camera to respond with an alarm if certain parameters are met. For example, intrusion detection can push an alert to your mobile phone if a person has entered past a set geographic parameter. Some of the types of alarms you can set include recording the incident, alerting to your cell, and more.
  • Wireless construction site cameras eliminate some of the challenges of a remote construction location. Hard-wired systems are efficient and reliable, but today, there are newer solar IP wireless security cameras for job sites that offer big benefits for construction firms. 
  • HD (High Definition) recording features allow for the best, clearest picture quality, even when zooming in. 

Benefits of a Solar IP Jobsite Security Camera

Benefits of a Solar IP Jobsite Security Camera

Selecting a solar security camera for your jobsite is a way to install video monitoring in rural or remote areas that lack power lines or electrical outlets. These units are affordable, durable, and smart. When they’re solar-powered, jobsite security cameras are:

  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Scalable 

These cameras can also work well on wired job sites as backups during power outages. Solar construction site cameras are IP-enabled, which allows them to use a wireless signal to relay video and audio to a remote device or a live feed. These cloud-based cameras use the cellular data network to transfer video to a cloud-based or offsite server. There is no on-site recording device to maintain, and these cameras have tamper alerts to help ensure full function at all times.

As the next evolution in video surveillance, solar IP security cameras for jobsites incorporate AI to help them work smarter to analyze and respond to data.

Construction Site Security Cameras for Peace of Mind

Construction managers deal with site risk. Job site injuries, permit snafus, weather, and other construction delays are all part of the job. But there is also risk associated with securing the perimeter of a large, sometimes remote, job site:

  • Theft of building materials and even heavy equipment costs companies millions each year. Those numbers seem like clear evidence that construction project managers are losing the battle against criminals and need to try something new. 
  • Job site safety both during work hours as well as after hours, where an unmanned construction site can be dangerous to unwanted visitors. Job site security cameras discourage curious thrill-seekers from entering construction sites, but also alert you if someone enters the perimeter.
  • Vandalism is a common problem in urban areas, but just the presence of a security camera can deter property vandals. Video evidence can help the police catch and prosecute trespassers in the area.

Today’s job site security cameras pay for themselves in real-time protection for your construction projects. Upgrading security gives construction site managers peace of mind. One site manager told us, “I know that when I wake up in the morning, we’re going to be able to get back to work… rather than getting derailed by crime.”

Why Choose Pro-Vigil

Pro-Vigil is the leading provider of smart video security solutions to construction firms nationwide. Our modern and affordable solutions have a proven track record of stopping construction site theft. Talk to our team today to cut your losses and protect your company with our top of the line construction site security cameras.

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