What to Look for in a Commercial Security Camera System

A modern business faces security risks that range from customer or employee theft, vandalism from trespassers... to workplace injury or even just employees slacking off. There are way more risks than a single camera could handle.
Commercial Security Camera System

A reliable security system is like placing a protective net over your business. The security equipment can become the eyes and ears you need to secure your business. But a disjointed set of mounted lenses and a fence isn’t a system. All the pieces have to work together to effectively deter criminals. So what does it take to build your own commercial security camera system that successfully protects your property and assets

Benefits of Today’s Commercial Wireless Security Cameras

Parking Lot Security with Virtual Guards

Modern surveillance cameras do a lot more than just keep watch. These IP-enabled (Internet Protocol) devices can respond to stimuli, learn from the experience, and get smarter over time. Advanced surveillance cameras provide:

  • Alerts – Send smartphone, tablet, or desktop alerts to you or a security team when a trespasser enters your property.
  • Alarms – Automatically sound an alarm and activate spotlights to scare away intruders.
  • Wireless Connectivity – Connect to the online cellular network while being solar powered, creating an off-grid commercial security camera system.
  • Camera Health Monitoring – Send a notification if a camera is offline or has been tampered with.
  • HD Footage – Record activity in HD to capture minute details even at night.
  • Secure Cloud Storage and Smart Footage Search – Save footage into the cloud and intelligently sort it by keywords to find the images you need.

A modern business faces security risks that range from customer or employee theft, vandalism from trespassers, and problems with social distancing to workplace injury or even just employees slacking off. There are way more risks than a single camera could handle. This is why it’s so important to consider the big picture when looking at commercial security camera systems. How can these tools fit the security strategies for your business?

How to Maximize the Benefits of a Commercial Security Camera System?

How Long Should You-Store Video Footage

Adding any security camera to your business is a good start. However, what you really want is a system that is integrated with your business. This gives you a better shot at preventing damage. Criminals can be very adept at finding your vulnerabilities. If you leave a hole in your security net, it can be found and exploited. 

For example, two important best practices for security are having good lighting and regular inspections of the property. Having a night security guard is also a good deterrent. However, even with good lighting, crime happens. At some point, a security guard turns away and moves on to another section of the property. 

Even if your managers are great at locking things down, robberies are always possible. And this isn’t even getting into employee or customer theft or physical injury on your property! A solo camera is bound to miss important details. 

The reality is that siloed security one-offs simply will not create the kind of complete security effort that keeps your business safe from all possible threats. Implementing a full video surveillance system and integrating it as part of a robust security plan will truly ensure the safety of your investment. 

Here are some features to consider in an integrated security system. This will help you create a complete strategy to protect your investment from any possible threat:

  • Camera placement is important.

    Some cameras should be as unobtrusive as possible. Others should have signage and be in the open so that they act as a deterrent.

  • The physicality of the camera is important.

    Outdoor cameras should be weatherproofed. Cameras in vulnerable locations (like out in the open or accessible in any way) should be tamperproof.

  • Hard-wired cameras add the cost of running cable.

    But commercial wireless security cameras can help cut costs while reaching remote areas where cabling is difficult or impossible. These cameras can be pole-mounted and mobile. They can also be solar-powered with a battery backup and connected to the Internet wirelessly to be fully off-grid.

  • How the business is monitored when the manager is away.

    The best systems are easily installed and programmed to ping you or a security team if triggered by certain events. Sophisticated software can determine the credibility of a threat. Today, video surveillance cameras understand the difference between a stray cat and a person crossing a specific geographic line on the property.

  • How much file storage the surveillance camera has.

    A camera system can create risk if it uploads data to an on-premises server that can be stolen. Today, the best systems upload a live video stream to the Internet. Sophisticated AI-software can automate many functions on the ground so that an offsite security team can focus their response.

  • Which smart devices or existing systems it’s compatible with.

    With Pro-Vigil, you can access multiple on-site and online systems through your cell phone. For example, you could take control of a camera remotely and pan or tilt it to zoom in on something that seems out of place.

The best security systems can track, monitor, and respond to threats to keep your business protected 24/7/365. This  technology completely changes how these tools can be used. 

Talk with the Pro-Vigil team about a complete security assessment of your business. This soup-to-nuts review will help ensure that your security safety net is strong, unbreakable, and effective. 

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