Are You Having CCTV Camera Image Problems?

CCTV camera issues could hinder your ability to monitor your business. Here are some common problems with CCTV cameras and how to resolve them.
CCTV camera issues

Are you Having CCTV Camera Image Problems?

You’ve invested time and money into a surveillance system for your business and you expect it to work. After all, the worst thing that could happen is to have CCTV camera issues right at the moment an event occurs that you need to record. While there’s no guarantee that your CCTV camera will function 100% of the time, there are some things that you can do to reduce the risk of missing out on capturing the footage that you need.

Three Common CCTV Camera Issues

CCTV cameras have been around since the 1940s when they were used to view the launch of V2 rockets in Germany. And while technology has certainly evolved and improved over the years, it’s still not as advanced as newer technology like IP cameras.  But before you throw out your old surveillance system due to its CCTV camera issues, there may be hope for extending its life. Let’s look at some of the most common issues involving CCTV cameras and how to fix them.

1.    Infrared Glare

Infrared glare is a common CCTV camera problem, especially if your camera is mounted under something like a shelf and part of the shelf is in its field of view. If your camera has night vision, the reflection of the lights on the shelf will cause a glare in your CCTV camera view making that part of the image very bright and the rest of it dark. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Simply point the camera downwards and remove the objects from its field of view that is causing the glare.

2.    Unable to access all of the cameras.

Another one of the common CCTV camera issues is an inability to view all of the cameras. This could be an IP address conflict issue. While IP cameras are webcams that transfer information over the internet, CCTV cameras must be connected to a local area network (LAN). And each one needs to be configured with a unique IP address. If you are unable to access all of your CCTV cameras and you know that they are powered up and working, then the problem could be an IP address conflict.

3.    Security camera image is not clear.

If your CCTV image is fuzzy or unclear, there could be a number of reasons you are having this issue. So let’s start with the simplest – your lens is dirty. Yes, it’s out of the way and unlikely that someone could get their dirty fingerprints on it, but dust and spider webs can still get to it. Use a clean, soft cloth to remove any debris and see if this fixes your issue. If not, then you may need to call in support to troubleshoot. It could be your wiring, your lens unable to focus, or even a damaged lens that needs repair.

Eliminating CCTV Camera Issues

While these are a few of the more common issues with CCTV cameras, there are many more issues that business owners run into with this older type of technology. It may be time to replace it with a more modern and efficient surveillance system that uses IP camera hosting instead.

With IP cameras, you can access your live video feed from anywhere at any time via the internet. And if you use an experienced security company like Pro-Vigil, you have access to camera health monitoring to ensure that your cameras and equipment are functioning properly at all times.

You can’t afford for your cameras to fail you at the wrong moment. Contact Pro-Vigil, the undisputed leaders in the security space, for a free quote on an IP based surveillance system.

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